Maa Salaama Misr !!!

I am moving out of Cairo in a couple of hours from now... And this is going to my swansong post on Cairo Diaries. I have written about 25 posts.. mrgreenrazzsurprisedmrgreen, spread over a period of 8 months., spanning about 12000 words

I had fun here, in the land labled as the Gift of the Nile and where civilization once flourished. I loved the city and the night life. The attitude of people towards foreigners, the different types of food stuffs that I had the opportunity to taste.

Here is a concise gist of what I did and What I did not do...

First and foremost -
The food stuffs that I will miss.

1.) First and Foremost, Asab (Sugarcane juice) .. I will never forget that glassful of Sugarcane juice that we had on the way to Luxor. And nor will I forget that Extra Sweet Asab in Alexandria. I loved my El Nozha flat, where I had access to fresh Asab, 24 hours :) I will miss it very badly.

2.) Will miss Nawab's Malai Kofta and Rabdi. (Actually had it one last time yesterday mrgreen)

3.) Kazaz's strawberry juice, Bedengal, Fried Eggplant with Tomato Sauce, Turshi, Lentil Soup and of course Om Ali.

4.) FelFela's Falafel and Foul.

5.) Tom and Basel's Koshary and Roz-ba-Laban.

6.) Massala's Samosa and Achar

The people ...

1.) 'THE' Beautiful Egyptian Women... (Sigh.. !! sad). I just love their dressing sense. With all the traditional attire on them , they still look so attractive and beautiful. I will definitely miss them in India...

2.) The smiling faces of the lift operator, the lady in the pantry and of course the Security Guards who always had the toughest job of waking up in the early hours to open the doors for us. The security guard who works on our floor is actually a qualified lawyer (Imagine that...!!!) He says he took to this profession because he could not get a job)

3.) The mostly honest Taxi Drivers and the friendly people who are always hell bent on calling you Amitabh Bachchan. lol

Other things that I will miss ...

1.) That 4 minute drive at 80 kmph through the 6 kms of Azhar Nafr(Tunnel). Man.. That is one hell of a journey.

2.) Khan-El-Khalili - That is a treasure trove of souvenirs. You need to learn how to bargain here. Everybody addresses you as Amitabh Bachchan. And If you manage to win them over, you can take back stuff at dirt cheap prices.

3.) That awesome 24X7 connectivity to the Internet at workplace and at home. I was always connected whenever possible. Helped me do a lot of things. I am afraid I might not have access to Internet once I get back to work in India, and hence trying make maximum use of it. :P

4.) City Stars.. !!! razz.. Boy !! I will never forget the three Inception shows that I watched here and the reaction of the spectators.

Some things Egypt needs to improve on ...

1.) Traffic on the Roads. Inspite of having so many flyovers and subways/Nafrs, the traffic is still Cairo's biggest problem. The fastest way to travel by Car in Cairo is to travel on a Friday morning :P

2.) Definitely a bigger and better airport. I can't and am still not able to believe that a city that gets record number of visitors, still does not have a proper airport with all facilities. They do not even have a proper lounge.

3.) Better Metro Connectivity. Currently the Metro operates only in a particular region. If only they could increase the connectivity to other regions, the transportation woes of Cairo might just be over.

4.) More theatres that show English movies. And I am surprised that when they love Hindi movies, why don't they screen them ???

Some Places that I would never forget all my life ...

1.) Abu Simbel (Comes first on my list, because this one was more important to me than the pyramids and it was only fitting that I saw this place first biggrin
2.) Aswan
3.) Luxor
4.) Ain-Sokhna
5.) Alexandria
6.) Sharm-El-Shaikh
7.) Pyramids and Sphinx

Some places that I would have liked to visit :-

1.) North Coast
2.) Port Said
3.) Hurghada
4.) Saqqara
5.) I missed out on Cairo Tower and eating at Esbarro.

It's time to say goodbye and although I hate to say it, I have to ...

I have fallen in love with the city and am actually sad that I am leaving Cairo.

Maa-Salaama Misr.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Hind

P.S:- Below are some pics that I have taken in the last one week. Vintage Cairo.

Monday, November 8, 2010 by Hari
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