Another Milestone razz !!!

O.K, a much awaited milestone is here. razz

35 Thousand visitors !!!

But before I go on rambling about the 'achievements' of this blog, here is some interesting stuff that I want you to see. :)

This 5000 visitor count has come from 96 days. Atleast this is faster than the previous two 5000's.

Also, from what I see, is that the time that people spend on my blog has increased considerably from 1% and 2% of total traffic to upto 8% and 9% which is actually very very encouraging...

And now coming to the more interesting part of the Results. :)

As you are aware, this blog is featured in many search results and search strings are extremely interesting.

I once did a post on Kushboo. It was mainly about the various blouse-pieces that she wore on her show. The comments section of that post (written by my friends) details the process of making Kushboo idli and kothamalli chutney. And that has been something that has been heavily searched over the internet and on this blog... !!!

During the Enthiran Songs release, I had done a review of the album and posted some lyrics of Arima Arima song. That happens to be a heavily searched item on my blog.

Apparently someone has been reading my blog in Hindi a bit too much and I decided to see how a translated blog page looks like. அப்டியே ஷாக் ஆயிட்டேன் !!!!

And as I wanted it to be, The 100 Names of Kauravas continues to rule the roost on my blog by being the single most searched page on my blog. I've got about 1500 distinct page views on that page alone in the last 6 months and it kind of continues to earn traffic for me :P

And why is someone trying so hard to search non-sensical words that makes them land up on my blog. This time the search string is 'Kitta Kittae' , though I do not understand what that means, I sure do understand that it means traffic.. :P

What I do not understand is that how come a single generic word called விளம்பரம் can direct people onto my blog. It is totally surprising but Yahoo is doing exactly that.

என் ப்ளாகுக்கும் புடவைக்கும் என்னங்க சம்பந்தம் ? ஏதோ அந்த விளம்பரத்துல தீரீஷா கொஞ்சம் அழகா இருந்தாங்க... அத சொன்ன... அதுக்குன்னு இப்டியா .. தாங்காது டா சாமி ...

He He He... :) Now even I am a celebrity. Apparently they do not know that they are indexing the wrong Haricharan, but WTH, Why Am I even bothered. :P :D

The Astras series has done me proud. Pasupatastra Post. is returning among the first five results. :) Narayanastra, Vaishnavastra all come within the first 10 results on Google Search, that is pretty good indexing.. isn't it. :P :D

And, last but not the least....

A request to Chinmayi.
Chinmayi dear, please get married soon. People are getting so despo these days that it has reached the heights of exasperation ....

The reason for this request, is because of this...

P.S:- Next milestone would be the 450 Posts one or else the 40K :) :D

Saturday, November 6, 2010 by Hari

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