10G Raja ...

Given below are 10 words. These words have different meanings in different contexts,
Atleast for the Former Telecommunications Minister - Mr. Aandimuthu Raaja

You may or may not have known them ...

10.) Nilgiri - Constituency during Elections. Hill Station during Summer. Place to be forgotten for the rest of the time.

9.) Cabinet - Bunch of like minded buggers who don't stand up for you when you are in deep shit.

8.) Prime Minister - Dummy Piece.

7.) DMK - High Command. Orders from here should never be discarded even if they meant a lifetime of shame and jail.

6.) Maran - Anathema. The bugger set high standards (in corruption) forcing me to live up to the Party's expectations. Doesn't the party know I am a fresher ??

5.) Kapil Sibal - Drohi. He should have said 'No' when they offered him. Looks like everybody was after my portfolio only. Selfish Heartless creatures !!! I did give all of them a share of the cake right ?? Next time, nothing for anybody.

4.) Kanimozhi - Softest Corner of my heart is reserved for her. I wonder when she will reciprocate. Cha.. Women are always like this wonly.
[ Am quoting Radia Tapes here]

3.) Ministry - To Fool around. Otherwise why would people elect me to that post.

2.) CAG - Clever fellows. They found out !!! Must plug this leak with the next amendment.

1.) Radia - The cheese which lured me into the trap.

2G - One Big Headache !!!

ஆண்டிமுத்து நல்லா ஆட்டையை போட்டுடான்யா !!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Lol, Nice take on the latest scam doing the rounds....:)

  2. Hey.. this is a pleasant surprise.. Thanks Caterpillar. :) Welcome to my blog !!

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