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Inspired by this TOI Article.. Here I come up with my own list ...

First for Tamil Nadu, then for India.

Tamil Nadu :-

1.) What Happened in Tamil Nadu Assembly on that Fateful day of 25th March 1989 ?. It seriously sucks to actually have missed one single over in a cricket match and then you get to know from your friends that it was a Game-Changer. Shit !!!

2.) What are the industries/ventures in which Sun Network DOES NOT have a connection or investment in ? (I would be really be proud if the Ambica Dosa Mix that is readily available in Cheta's shop is not from one of their 'many-times-removed-sister' concerns ..

3.) When will the Current Deputy Chief Minister of TamilNadu, resign from his post of 'Youth Movement'. Please tell him that on his 'Satabhishekham' (80th Birthday), I, (Er.. He too..) will become ineligible to be in Youth Wing.

4.) When will the current Chief Minister abdicate ? (This is a million dollar question.. And you might succeed in getting a small share from the 1.76 Lakh Crore that they just pocketed, if you manage to answer this Question)

5.) What exactly happened on that night of 30th June 2001. We want an unbiased, un-'suntv'-ised version of that incident please. And seriously no computer-graphics please !!!

6.) Was the sting operation on Nityananda pre-planned or out-of-vendetta because the Swami did not give the land Sun TV Wanted ? And was Ranjitha fully aware of the consequences of this nauseating 'See-This-Fraud-Saamiyaar' sting operation ? And Why wasn't any action taken or case booked against Sun-Tv for showing semi-porn during Prime Time ?

7.) Who actually killed SankarRaman ? And what was the drama behind the whole Kanchi Seer episode ? Can we get to see some actual Good Quality Videos please ?

8.) Now that the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu has released a press-release like this, I would seriously like to know the whole net-worth of the Nidhis' (pun intended) including all organisations and 'brother' concerns that they run.

9.) What exactly happened on the 12th of January 1967 between MGR and M.R.Radha ?

10.) Did they really kill Veerappan ? Can we have more details and approval documents signed by the Chief Minister at that time ?

11.) What exactly was the commission did the Then Mayor of Chennai pocket during the 'flyover season' ? Can we have a break-up please ? (Er.. I meant the list. Not the flyover)

12.) What happened to TANSI, DisProportionate Wealth Case, Vineyard Case, Pleasant Stay Cases ? [ the last one notably being the foremath of Dharmapuri Bus Burning Incident, for which recently judgement was awarded ]

13.) Does Subramanian Swamy have a life ?

Last but not the least ... When will Rajinikanth come to Power ? :P

India :-

1.) What exactly happened in the RSS and BJP Camps on the night of 5th December 1992 ? Who spoke what and what was decided ?

2.) Why did Ram Jethmalani take up Manu Sharma v/s Jessica Lal case, after he had clearly put up a board that he did not want to be disturbed for cases ? And what exactly was the obligation he owed to the Ramani's in this regard [as in a statement made by him 'The Devil's advocate']

3.) Can we have the break-up of the profits [ as in , who got what and how was it decided, and to which bank account was it transferred ] of the following scams :-

Fodder Scam
Bofors Scam
Stamp Paper Scam
Hawala Scam [ as a bonus, you can make public the content of the Jain Diaries as well]
2G spectrum Scam
just to name some of them ...

4.) Exactly what was Nehru having in his mind, when he said Hindi-Cheeni Bhai Bhai ?

5.) What happened to Lalit Modi [where is he hiding right now] and Suresh Kalmadi [ is he still in China ?] and what happened to all that supposed Audit on IPL records ? Gone down the drain ??

Most of the other questions that I wished to ask were already asked in that TOI article.

But most important question of all...

When will the Prime Minister of the Nation, Dr. ManmohanSingh stand up [for himself and for the nation ?]

Thursday, December 2, 2010 by Hari
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