WE are afraid of Pamela's Boobs !!!

This is in response to a post by Shobhaa De (Dated 21st November) titled, Who’s afraid of Pamela’s Boobs ?

First of all my apologies for a late reaction to this post. Apparently my Google Reader Feeds weren’t working that effectively.

O.K. Let me begin by answering to your question itself.

We Are. Note the tense and collective noun. WE ARE !!!

Now comes the next question that is obviously pronounced with a lot of mirth …

‘Why ?’

Well the reasons are so very clear, aren’t they Shobhaa Ma’m.
(Did I get the extra ‘a’ right ?)

“Perhaps, it is the arrival of Bazooka Pam that prompted the Indian government to suddenly wake up to the ‘X- Rated’ content of some shows and clamp a few meaningless restrictions on them. By pushing back the slots of shows that beam ‘objectional and vulgar’ content to 11pm, some prudish babus must be patting themselves on the back for saving the country from moral degradation. Give us a break, fellas.”

Well, this para was exactly what prompted me to write this post. It was not because of the ‘Bared Breasts’ and Pamela Anderson that this regulation was brought about but because there was a growing irritation on part of the Parents in the country on the kind of content that was being aired. We do not want to see Ashmit and Veena Mallik coochi-cooing on National Television at Prime Time. If you are seriously so interested (and perverted) in watching it, watch it at 11. What’s your problem ?

Is your problem that they are shifting the timing from 9 to 11 or is your anger on the fact that I&B are trying to moral-police you ? Well I am surprised, that you being a Marathi, are not talking about Shiv Sena or MNS when talking about Moral Policing ?? And what I am more surprised is, how come the Shiv Sena and MNS tolerate your books ? Do they even deserve to be on shelves ? GOK.

And about these programs that you mention. Yes !!! We want them all to be banned. But look what happened. God knows how much money was involved in this, but somehow the concerned people have got a stay in court against the directive. Obviously ‘Paisa Bolta Hai’. Such a heavy money generating machinery, Why kill the goose that lays golden eggs ? They’ve got the program back in the same slot. We can see Veena and Sara flirting with Ashmit and at the same time there is no dearth of ‘Maa-Ki-‘ or ‘Behen-C****’ on the show, now that Dolly Bindra is back.

“In which middle class Indian family are the bachchas packed off to bed at 7pm after supper at 6pm? Television time largely remains unmonitored and unrestricted. It is considered bonding time. Families that watch heaving bosoms and hectic pelvic thrusts together, stay together. Big deal. What kids watch (or aren’t supposed to) ought to be the parents’ and not the government’s responsibility. Going by this new ‘Adults Only’ ruling, what about commercial Hindi films that feature the most provocative ‘item songs’ and are peppered with abuses with actors screaming ‘Bastard’ routinely? Kids watch those and worse… so why the double standards? One set of rules for television programming, another for cinema?”

As much as Pamela’s boobs are her best friends, Sweetheart, Children of the middle class do go to bed, if not at 7 PM, atleast at 9PM. And I am not sure what kind of kids live in Mumbai or what kind of life is lived there, but in other parts of India, this is the norm. So if you are not aware of such lives or of people who live like this, please do not make generalizations. And yes, TV Time ‘WAS’ considered as bonding time. Now it is ‘Entertainment time’.

Parents switch on Soaps to see the Mother-In-Law and her Daughter-In-Law pregnant at the same time, the only scandalous thing being, the Mother-In-Law’s pregnancy is not because of her husband but because of her Daughter-In-Law’s father. Sick hunh ??? Welcome to the ‘Desi Version of Bold and the Beautiful’ !!! And what’s with this naara Adults Only ruling ? Why not ?

Yes, those pelvic thrusts are not something that we wish to see on screen. As much as we hate seeing ‘Munni’ getting badnaam, we also hate to see Sheila ki Jawaani (Shit, that sounded like some B-Grade Porn movie). So you get the picture De Ma’m ? We demand censorship on TV as well, and as much as you might hate it, It will come into place.

Ma’m, Our society is not schizophrenic and confused, but maybe you are. There is a big difference between seeing details of the Ruchika Molestation case on TV and Sheila Ki Jawaani (with Katrina showing off her curves and the Shakira Shake with elan). One is News. The other is plain ‘soft-porn’. So please get the differentiation right. We are not here to conduct a ‘trial-by-media’ for Ruchika and in the end, end up performing a character assasination. Let the Judiciary and social media take care of that.
“The ultimate power remains in the hands of viewers. The person who holds the remote control, is the sole decision maker as to what is acceptable viewing and what isn’t”

I beg to differ here. As much as I am advocate for ‘Free-World’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’ I suggest you hand over your passport and move to a country where there is no such restriction. Good Luck if you find one. You are in a democratic state that perhaps provides the most leniency than any other state in the world. And about that part where you want to take the call on whether you wish to ogle or not, or whether you wish to listen to Ms. Sawant, I suggest you watch if off Youtube. At leisure. You can watch it whenever you want and nobody’s moral-policing you, on the Internet.

And no, ‘Live telecast of Parliamentary Proceedings’ does not constitute actual Pornography, but your books – definitely fall under Soft Porn.

Saturday, December 18, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Well said dude!

    "There is a big difference between seeing details of the Ruchika Molestation case on TV and Sheila Ki Jawaani (with Katrina showing off her curves and the Shakira Shake with elan). One is News. The other is plain ‘soft-porn’."

    That sums up the post...!

    If everything is permissible as a free society and in the name of freedom of expression, I am afraid we would become a degrading society...!

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