What Women Want .. Duh !!!!

This is in response to the post here.

Dear Sheeba,

This is in response to the above linked post. Though I perfectly understand your agony (and your desperation) here is what (as a guy) I think of your Bullet Points.

Love ??

God !!! Women, you never understand us men don't you... We don't want love. Only lust. We lech, We ogle, We look at women on the sly. That's what you think, isn't it ?

Girlie, Go get a life.
There is a lot more to life than trying to pee on men.

You have to express your love in some way and you have to express as often as you can.
And the best part of the above statement is.. The more you 'express-your-love' the higher will be your Archies Bill or 'XXX spa' Receipt. So quit, expecting to be pampered. You are an adult and expect to be treated like one.

And yes, My 77th Girlfriend left me because I loved her too much. Now, that's too much to ask for.. isn't it ??

Space ??

We don't really care about 'your' space, isn't it ?? Oh Yeah. You are so so right. My 34th Girlfriend left me because I gave her 'too-much-space'. She was a feng-shui (pronounce it as foong-shway) expert and she said 'all-space-and-no-boy-friend' makes her chi (pronounce qi) go crazy. (Stupid girl. Must have been her PMS or something acting up ).

And about spending some time in silence, we as men love that silence when women come out with us on shopping trips. WoW !! Just imagine having a woman at your side and spending countless 'hours' of shopping with her being all quiet. Must be quite some shopping eh ??

Respect ??

What is that ?? No I seriously want to know what you mean by

Women want their emotions and their personal expectations be given proper respect. Respect their demands, needs, and expectations; some are obvious, some are not.
All those men out there, leading a simple-happy life are treating their girl like trash. In fact my 27th Girlfriend left me because I treated her like some maid. But the point to be noted here was that my 64th girlfriend, when she broke up with me, said, that my wife would be very lucky to get a guy who respects her so much.

I really don't know what to say here..

Commitment ???

That's hara-kiri for men and most men piss in their pants when they hear this word.

Women are very serious about this
...as if men are not !!! Dud(ettes) get over yourselves. You are not the only people 'pawning' your entire lives in a relationship. Men do too. And in fact its far more difficult for men to commit. There are a number of other factors. We shall discuss them at this blog later. It is because of this 'oh-I-"invested"-so-much-time-on-you' and other such idiotic principles that women tend to get emotionally disturbed when the guy deflects the commitment-pinball.

It is also one of the top reasons because of which most women get dumped
No No No !! And a vehement No Once again !!!
My 7th girlfriend dumped me because I wanted a commitment and she did not. Last I heard, she married an Oracle DBA [for those of you who did not get the joke... Err.. Never mind.. forget it]

Time ??

Women want men to spend quality and quantity time with them.
No we prefer spending time watching Bay-Watch and drinking cans and cans of beer. Whatever is the statement above supposed to mean. What exactly do you mean when you say quality and quantity ? Spending seven hours with my 87th girlfriend left me such a pain in my er... calves that my friend suggested that I get my girlfriend booked under of 'Prevention-Of-Cruelty-To-Animals' act.

Girlies Think again. If I find my laptop more interesting and important than you, then there is something in that laptop which you lack. As simple as that. So find that elusive XXX formula (in fact XXX itself might be the formula.. Er.. Oops..I forgot.. this is a family blog) and 'Win-your-man-back'.

Entertainment ??

You want Entertainment ?? from Men ?? Are you sick/insane/crazy/**** [fill up your choicest abuse here] What do you think Men are ?? 'Packaged-Soap-Operas' that wear Peter-England Shirts ?? Seriously WTF ??

Women love holding their man’s hand in a beach
That's not love sweetheart. That's protectionism.

You want the babes around to see the 'He's Taken' sign clearly.
We call this as 'Territorial-Marking' in the animal kingdom.

Candle light dinners are great. Women love shopping, eating chocolates and going to movies.
I agree. My 43rd girlfriend loved Candle light dinners. When I finally filed for bankruptcy, she dumped me and joined as a waitress in one of the restaurants we used to eat our Candle Light dinners. Last heard, she spilled a lot of candle-wax on a beautiful 26 year old bride. [Jealousy - I say]

And yes, Men love shopping too. We too love eating chocolates and going out to movies.
And Of course, our tastes are different.

Consideration: ??

Oh No !!! We don't consider you as a human being itself. You don't even exist for us. We don't bother ourselves with lesser beings..

All they need is a little consideration.
A Little sweetheart ??? Are you really serious ???
You give them some, and they come after you like a pack of wolves. And when you have none left, you are torn to shreds. My 12th, 17th and 26th girlfriends left me because I showed too much consideration. One tried to book me under 'Stalking' !!!

Sex ...

Ahem !!! Though I wish to blog pages on this stuff and distribute a lot of 'gyaan' to the female community, I am not doing it on a number of grounds. Anyway, I am just posting the gist of what I wanted to tell here, crisply.

Women, Agreed that scientific research says most men think about it almost all the time. But don't think we are thinking about it when we are watching Cricket or F1. Nor are we thinking about it, when we attend company meetings. No !!! We are not thinking about it when we have lunch with our colleagues and nor are we thinking about it when we return home tired in that bus. We do not think it is the be-all and end-all of life. I would 'request' you to stop thinking that we think it is the be-all and end-all of life.

In fact my 6th girlfriend... Er.. Never mind.. Some other time...

Last, but not the least..
There is life beyond Bucket Lists.. Live it !! And stop reading such non-sensical crap !!!

P.S:- To all those ladies who visit this blog and this post. Truly NOM. But stop typecasting men. The world has grown beyond

short a=2000;
b = ( int ) a

Er.. That was a PJ... If you are non-technical, forget it.

P.P.S:- Though I've spoken in defence of men here, a lot of points are still applicable to men. So before you forward this and make it a mail-chain, think about it.

P.P.P.S:- FB's [Feministic B - Er.. You know what the B stands for]. Just because I mentioned so many girlfriends does not mean I don't have a life or something. I have a life, its larger than yours, and Am living the dream. And about the language, the day the word MCP is abolished from existence I would refrain from using this word. So long B****** !!!

P.P.P.P.S:- And all those imaginary girlfriends.. Love you all.. Muaahh !!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010 by Hari
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  1. Hi Hari,

    Thanks for writing a well written response. I like your writing style. The original post is 'What women want' and it is written by me, a woman. This post is a response to that and you clearly don't agree with what I have said. After all, you are from Mars and I am from Venus ;)

    'What women want' can only be pitched correctly by a woman, whether you agree or not! You can only *think* of what women want and you never know if you have got it right unless you are able to please your woman. If you don't care to please her (them?!) then you need not worry about these stuff at all :)


  2. Hi Sheeba,

    Thanks for taking the time out to come to my blog. Much appreciated.

    As for the fact that it can only be pitced in by a woman.. Totally agreed. But then, you will also need to understand that one single recipe will not cater to all categories of women. There are various types of women, [which you should be aware of] and there is no single - fool-proof formula.

    You have not included the number one important factor - Money !!!
    From what I know about 30% women dump their guys because they cannot spend money on them. Ok. to put it in other words - afford them. [I am not able to quote the source rightaway - maybe later].

    Also there are many other factors like 'good-lookingness'. Though there are many women who say, 'Oh-I-Really-Don't-Care-About-Looks' and then are embarassed to be out seen with their boyfriends.

    Education. Would you still be interested in a guy if you find him to be lesser educated than you. To put it in other words - say less refined and civilized than you are...

    Hygiene - What if he takes bath once in three days and then wears the same underwear for days together... These are some factors..

    Again as I would like to re-iterate, instead of waiting for that mythical 'Knight-in-Shining-armor', 'twould be great if Women would simply stop thinking too much about it.

    Again, I am sorry if any of my points has hurt you personally. NOM.

  3. I'm very dissapointed in you Hari(Not that u'd care) .Expected more from you than this .The language and the point of view reminds me of Neanderthals. She said what girls want. I read the blog and i agree with most points Dont see any reason for you to get so defensive....

    Showing love has nothing to do with Spa's or Archies bills.Its saying a simple "i love you".And thats not expectin to be pampered.Its expected in every relationship.

    And wanting to hold hands is not territorial marking.Its an expression of love.Somethin People in Love will understand.

    Seriously Hari.You are a smart Guy.Get a Clue!!

  4. @Princess...

    Thanks. I'll take it as a compliment.
    She said, What Women want. If the above list is for what Girls want, then my apologies for the same.

    I thought there was a differentiation between a woman (who is supposed to be more mature) and a girl (who is predominantly immature)...

    I am not getting defensive. I am on the offensive.

    I have already responded to most of the queries in the post above.

    I AM a smart guy. No clues required.

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