And Another Fantabulous Year Came to an End ...

Another year came to an end yesterday. And in fact an Entire Decade. Before I start my ramblings on the year(decade) that went by, Let me get the annual results out.

Started the year with 17K figure and with a whopping 21K pageloads, (a total that surpasses the total pageloads of all the years before), the figure now reads close to 38825. There were personal peaks (no pun intended. :P) in April, May and December.

August was a lull because I was in India during that time and unfortunately not blogging.

Below stats show the MoM Results of the year gone by. Previous Year

Quarter 4 has been the best in terms of many factors.

New Template

Newer Controversies
(Er.. I meant the RadiaGate and MMS issues.
No that was not some scandal that you missed on Debonair blog,
MMS stands for ManMohanSingh)

IndiBlogger Involvement among other things.

Was a fantastic year. Here is a (well) small list of things that I did last year. :)

Came face to face with Abu Simbel.
Saw the treasures of TutanKhamun.
Swam in the Red Sea (Ain Sokhna).
Deep-Sea Dived in the Arabian Sea (Sharm El Sheikh).
Had an NDE.
Visited the Pyramids.
Great Library and Catacombs At Alexandria
Had plenty of Sugarcane juice (among other things :P) when in Cairo
Learnt some Really decent Arabic.
Did plenty of Haggling and bargaining over souvenirs. (till we almost got kicked out)
Knew every nook and corner of Khan-el-Khalili Market.
Rode a Felukka ! At midnight !! Many Times over !!!
Watched Kaathal Pagadai,Kai-Alavu-Manasu + Emotional Atyaachar Season 1 & 2 :P
Reviewed (as in ate and commented :P) many Indian restaurants in Cairo
Tasted Egyptian Cuisine (add Lebanese,Turkish, Thai and Chinese as well)
Took some mind blowing Pictures off my H10.
Completed, what I call as my Magnum Opus !! The 18-Day-Mahabharata-War !!!
Learnt that its possible for a vegetarian to survive even in places like Cairo :P
Took a photo with a singing legend !!! (P.B.Shreenivas) :)
Merlion Lion and Singapore Flyer. Ticked.
Did some really dirt-cheap shopping and haggling in Little India and China Town.
Learnt how not to traverse by foot to save time and to use really quick modes of transport
Bought myself an awesome PMP.
And yes of course, last year alone,
I increased my Media Storage capacity by an Additional 1.5 TB
:) :D

So Looks Like I am living my dream out here.. :) :D What about you.. ???

Saturday, January 1, 2011 by Hari
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