And I thought Kapil Sibal was an intelligent man ...

I know.. How silly of me to think so... isn't it ?

Well, what else can I expect from a politician..

And he is just like other politicians. Dumb. And Corrupted to the core. Period.

Oh..!! Am I accusing Mr. Kapil Sibal ?

No No.. No .. You are getting me all wrong... Kapil Sibal is right. Of course, he is damn bloody right.

He is not bothered about the fact that there was corruption in his department. The only thing is concerned about defending is that it was not to the tune of 1.76 lakh crores. Yeah !! Sure..

And how much of that pie went into your coffers, Respectable Minster of Telecommunications and Information Technology ? And which bank please ?

I am sure, your alma mater - St. Stephen's college and Harvard Law School must be definitely be proud of the cream that they have produced.
"In his time at Harvard Law School, he demonstrated himself to be a strong scholar, the ultimate "reasonable man" in discussions, and an excellent chef "
....And I would like to add,
And during his time as the Minister for Telecommunications and Information Technology he proved himself as being a total nincompoop and incompetent Minster who was fit for nothing but being a dumb doll and being an active participant in accusatory politics. He also brought his excellent culinary skills to the fore by cooking up stories against the opposition.
Well done, Mr. Kapil Sibal.. We are Definitely proud of you,.

For a man, who has been the Additional Solicitor General to the Government of India, "stooping" to such high standards is of course expected. And of course, he has the damn bloody right to accuse the CAG of false accounting.

What is the CAG ? Just a bunch of Dumb accountants, who could not differentiate the debits from the Credits. Of course... How silly of them isn't it ?

This 'sudden' (read 'windfall') change of outset is soooo obvious. How else can he defend his party ? And especially Raja ? I am sure Raja has 'delivered' more than what Kapil expected and hence this sudden lashback. What else can you expect from him, especially when that Rs. 1500 Tablet computer is still coming on the Donkey's back ?

Either way, I am not accusing the Minister. I am just saying - it in plain words.
He doesn't have a spine. And he cannot even accept that there was a mistake. Period.
In my opinion, their Harvard Law Degrees don't matter anymore. They have erred. And must be removed.

I re-iterate- Show me one Man. ONE MAN in the cabinet who is clean. And has a backbone.

The country is being run by a bunch of spineless Tughlaqs. What a pity !!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011 by Hari
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  1. In absolute agreement with every word!

  2. Shiva, thanks.. I sometimes wonder, if being dumb and corrupt are qualifications enough to run the country...

    Surely the country needs much more than these kind of cheap tricks.

  3. @Kapil Sibbals Statement on Lokpal
    Seeing this the other way, isn't he hinting us to make Lokpal more stronger & effective and to draw more attention of the public towards this issue to wake up this corrupt government which he already knows very well inside out. Maybe we should go ahead & put more responsibility on him to bring in more powerful bills than Lokpal.
    ... Well I am not supporting him!
    I just thought the other way he does everyday on every issue.
    Reality-> I believe He has lost his memory card from his brain which was just 1 KB & couldn't even remember that he was little bit involved in the process of Lokpal.

  4. He is thinking of how to add more loopholes to JANLOKPAL bill so that all they can escape easily.

  5. yes i am totaliy agree because kapil sibal is giving execuse with smiling face but having cruel game inside his mind. he made double game in 2-g scam and anna hazare and baba ramdev.he is making mistake that he understand whole world fool and is genius

  6. Hey I ask u do u think he has a proven motif behind announcing plans for wide-ranging reforms including making the 10th class board exam as optional and passing the bill (mind u, after taking consensus from the house) to allow foreign universities to come to India? The seats in IIT's n the IIM's are insufficient dude. At a basic level he has stepped up (n holds himself responsible) to promise education to every child.... n the ones who make the best or it would have the means to step it up to the level of foreign universities at half the cost!! One should hear him argue, he is flawless, n does not wriggle out of sticky questions. His logic is convincing! And probably the best among the rest of the politicians. Hope to hear from you guys, maybe u can give me a new perspective............

  7. There is a bribe between US and KS behind the grading system has been passed to downsize the education system in India. One question- Every country in the world is afraid of India and China just because we have a VERY GREAT number of higher educated people in every field rather than other countries, then how come there is a requirement to change the percentage system to grading. Making 10th as an optional board exam is again a downsizing step to the education.

    He is a person who has two faces. he would say something with smiley face however there is always tricks running in his mind to make indian population fool.

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