Filmfare and Faux Pas...

Sometimes I wonder what on earth happens to Jitesh Pillai..
Does the pressure of running the magazine gets to him ? (or)
Do the stars throw tantrums to such an extent that he stoops low enough to arse-kiss them ?

Reason for this questions is the latest (read 19th January edition of Filmfare).

I fell off my chair, when I read this one particular line (am sorry that I am unable to reproduce in verbatim) which read,

'After the industry Pandits declared Tees Maar Khan to be a hit ...'

Gosh, I was like 'Excuse me.. what did you just say ?'
And the best part, I would have forgiven this to be a time-bound error had this come in the December issue. But this issue hit the stands after every Tom-Dick and Hari had their review of the movie out on their sites, blogs and T.V channels a full two weeks of January.

MTV went one step ahead and had TMK as its topic for an entire week.

So what caused this 'purposeful' 'Whoops' ?
Did someone tell Jitesh that they would not do interviews unless they published it ?

And who is the person who writes the comments for celebrity outfits at functions. That person seriously needs to go see some psychiatrist for sure. She (I am goddamn sure, its a she) sure needs medical attention. She rejects awesome outfits as tacky and the real tacky ones as classic. I was like LOL. :P

I guess Filmfare is now only concentrating on getting those centre-spreads (pun intended) and not on content anymore. Seriously I believe I could write better rumors than those onboard at Filmfare.

Any takers.. ??

P.S: I am not a regular Filmfare reader. I don't even read it for fashion. Their fashion sense is totally bullshit and outdated. I read Filmfare when I have really nothing else to do but to learn how not to write magazine articles.

Sunday, January 23, 2011 by Hari
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