Am on Stentorian ...

O.K. Here is the background.

Three weeks before, I received in my Inbox from one of my colleagues a link. The link led me to TheStentorian site and before I knew it, I had read every single article of their previous two issues.

Then I called up their editor. :) Yes.. I did that. :) :D

The magazine was an infant. It definitely needed some advice. I decided to give it some. And in return, I asked to become a member of their team.

And before I knew it, I was on.

For the February issue, I decided to write on two topics. One was sun-signs. And the other on "What does February Mean to you"

You cannot access individual articles, since the webprint is still in the making, however the e-magazine version is out,and you can read it here.

Please do let me know your reviews and comments.
You may choose to share it on Facebook and circulate the link as well.

P.S: :) That's one more feather in my cap. :) :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 by Hari
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