There's this person ...

.. I've known for quite some time now ...

He is one of the most egoistic person I've ever met in my life. EVER.

EGO defines him.
EGO is what he talks.
EGO is what he does.
EGO is what he thinks.
EGO is him.

There is not a single moment of his life when his EGO has not controlled him. And you know what, the way he rants about the fact that he is proud of his ego... You should listen to him to realise what exactly 'a snob is'.

When confronted, he says it quite frankly ...
"Whatever I am today. Feeling high or Feeling Low, Feeling miserable or Feeling Great, Being Happy or Being Sad, I attribute it all to my EGO. In fact, I would go as far as saying that without my EGO, I don't exist at all. Quintessentially speaking, that would indeed be a paradox.. Nevertheless..."

His 'so-called' friends (all of them) think that he is making enemies out of his friends. It is a fact that he acknowledges, but not without making his trademark "I-don't-really-care-about-that" shrug. He re-iterates his philosophy...
"I am to other people, what they are to me. If they are nasty, I am nasty. If they are judgmental, so am I. If they give priority to someone else before me, I do the same with them. If someone does not have time for me. I do not have time for them."

When questioning him further on this philosophy of his, he answers in one line, pregnant with commonsense.
"I believe in keeping my equations simple. More the number of unknown variables in the equations, harder is the equation to solve."

He thinks he knows more than the pack around him. Which is more-or-less the truth. He does in fact know much more than the crowd around him. He often thinks that people judge him by his looks and is often very much pissed off at the fact. The reason being, having the looks of a South-Indian, leads to many thinking that he is as dumb as them, which unfortunately is not the case.

He also thinks more than any of his peers. His peers tell us that all the thinking that he does is merely an attempt to show off. But this guy shrugs this question uncomfortably,
"They may be right. Who knows ? But, I, For one, know that what I think does matter to me. What I think should not matter to them. It's my headache after all, isn't it ?"

He carries this chip on the shoulder that he is usually light years ahead of his peers in terms of certain qualities, and yet he does not get the respect or attention due for it. Instead he only gets ridiculed.
"It's not ridiculing that troubles me. It happens all the time. What they don't realise is that they are making fun of the same concept/vision/philosophy they will be adopting/accepting a couple of years down the line."

Does it hurt a lot ?
"Actually No. Its like not getting credit. Nevertheless I've learnt to take it in my stride. These days I don't even look out for these people."

A Smart alec for most duration of his school and college life, he continues to remain the best at whatever he does. And he makes sure there is no exception to that rule. EVER. Whatever he does has to be the best. There is nothing called Second-Best for him. This attitude of his has often taken him to deep levels of animosity with his classmates and college mates. It had also pushed him into a depression for some time during his college life, but he bounced back in style.

Wanna know who this person is ???
Watch out for the next edition :)

Friday, February 4, 2011 by Hari
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  1. OK, waiting....

  2. Auto-Biography?

  3. Above comments are from someone you know at NY.

  4. hmmm... Interesting.. Someone I know from NY... Hmmmm

    Not exactly autobiographical.. :)

    Writing in third person :P :D

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