When Crossword made me cross ...

This post is an all-daggers-out post on Crossword.

If anybody in the management team/PR team of Crossword is reading this, please do not call me or mail me. In case you do have the guts to do so... Be ready for some real hot verbal assault that will push you to the edge of sanity.

This is what transpired.

Crossword has many locations in Hyderabad. I (unfortunately) chose to go to the Inorbit Mall one. As soon as I enter, I ask the receptionist to guide me to Crossword and she asks,

Which one ?

I ask her, "Is there more than one outlet ?"

She says, "Yes. One on the floor below us, and one on the floor above us."

I looked at her as if she was insane. But nevertheless decided to keep my calm.

She continues, "Please go straight sir, through the elevator, ShoppersStop."

As me and my friend boarded the elevator, I was only wondering why would crossword have their outlet inside Shopper's Stop. Anyway, I entered the place.

And here were the shocks of my life.

1.) There is no order in the store. Everything is chaotic, to use the least offending word.

2.) The folks who are supposed to help us out with the books are hardly aware of what books they have. In fact they did not even know which section a particular book belonged to, until they saw their inventory !!!

3.) Half the books are unclassified. Indian Authors in Spirituality and Health books in Religion.

4.) The only thing they have done quite well is to display the books.

5.) The 'On-Sale' books that were heaped looked so dismal, that it was clear they were second hand books.

6.) Pathetic collection of books. Agreed it was not a full fledged store, but that's seriously no excuse. They had it poorly organised.

7.) Their staff are more concerned about billing rather than attending customer queries.

8.) If you order a book, they promise you it will reach you from their Mumbai office within 7 days but God Only Knows when it will arrive.

9.) If you call up their call-centre in Mumbai, a (totally dumb) customer care executive picks it up and sweetly tells me that this is not her domain, and that she will provide me with Crossword Hyderabad number.

10.) Two numbers mentioned on their receipts do not work.

11.) Their e-store totally sucks.. !!!!

And to think that they are challenging other book outlets in the city... What a joke !!!

I personally find Landmark to be more organised.
And Odyssey for customer Care.
Crossword ? Just sucks Big time !!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 by Hari
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