Why does it always happen to me ???

Yes, Why does it always happen to ME ?

ME, of all the people...

First it was Shruthi Seth...then Deepika (Padukone) And now I hear its Divya Parameshwar !!!

Why oh Why oh Why... !!! Why does it always have to be me, the one to take the heartbreaks...

I seriously can't stand it any longer.. !!!

O.K. Enough ramblings. Here is the meat.

ऐसी भी क्या जल्दी है यार ?
थोडा Socialise करो... घूमो-फिरो...
अल्बम्स बनाओ ... म्यूजिक विडियो शूट करो ...
शादी वादी के चक्कर में क्यों पड़ते हो ?

Shruthi Seth impressed me very much with her acting in Shararat. Though loosely based on Sabrina the teenage witch, it was well conceptualised.

Then came Rishta.com and she floored me completely. Perfect characterization. Not one emotion extra. It was like as if she lived the role and was not acting in front of the camera. She did score a lot of brownie points for this one.

The second devi we are going to talk about is Divya Parameshwaran - Yes, the same girl who shot to fame with the 3-Roses ads. :)

Of all the people why did she have to get engaged so soon.. அப்படி என்ன அவசரம்... ??? Grrrrr... !@#$%^&*#^&#@^&#^&#$$!@@#

I loved her 3-Roses series. She also has squint. (there.. I am one up now)

The third Devi is of course Deepika Padukone. One gay-looking (no offence meant to these people) boy arrives with a fleet of aeroplanes and she takes off with him ??? Seriously Deepika.. is this the stuff you are made of... ? I thought you cared more about character than looks and money. All he has is a v-neck tight fitting full-sleeved t-shirt. I guess he could definitely do with some Baniyaan advertisement.

With your influence, you can surely get that for him na ?? (I go one-up again...)

All teen deviyaan have disappointed me big time... I seriously need to make sure that beautiful women are wooed immediately and ensured they are not taken...

And why is that older women are somehow always DUMB enough to ignore the nice guys and fall for all the RASCALS !!!

Some Maturity.. !!! Sigh.. !!!!

Life is cruel... இளமையில் தனிமை .. கொடுமையில் கொடுமை...

P.S:- என்னடா இவன் இப்படி எல்லாம் பேசறான்னு நெனச்சு.... தப்பு கணக்கு போடாதீங்க ... சும்மா... வவவக்கு !! :) :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011 by Hari
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