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You know what is Bliss... V

When someone whom you admire a lot, comes up to you and says, "I missed you." It makes me go weak in the knees.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011 by Hari
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जो भी था क्या थोडा था ?

I came across this video from FB and then cross linked to Youtube from there. Amazing words. Very powerful. I can relate to them. Hope you can too..

Am posting the lyrics below the video. All credit to original uploaders and writers.

Apne dais ko rotay bhi ho
Chain se par kar sotay bhi ho
Apne dais ka gham kaisa hai
Hanstay bhi ho rotay bhi ho
Kis ne kahaa thaa aao yahaan
Aa kar bas jaaoo yahaan
Jab dais tumhaara apna thaa
Woh shehar tumhara apna thaa
Who gali tumhari apni thee
Who makaan puraana apna thaa
Us dais ko phir kyon chora thaa
Kyon apnoo se munh mora thaa
Sab rishtoon ko kyo torra thaa
Array jo bhi thaa, kya thora thaa

Aur jab bhi desi mil kar bethain, qissay phir chirr jatay hain
Un tooti sarkoon ke qissay, un gandi galeyoon ke qissay
Un galeyoon mein phirne wale un sare bachoon ke qissay
Orangi hai Korangi hai pani ke nalkoon ke qissay
Un nalkoon per hone wale sare un jhagroon ke qissay
Aur nukkar wale darwaze per taat ke us parday ke qissay
Us parday ke peeche bethi albeli us naar ke qissay
Jis ki ek nazar ko tarsay saare un larkoon ke qissay
Jhootay qissay, sachay qissay pyar bhare us dais ke qissay
Pyar bhare us dais ko tum ne aakhir kyon-kar chora thaa
Kyon apnoo se munh mora thaa, sab rishtoon ko kyon torra thaa
Array jo bhi thaa, kya thora thaa

Tum phoolay nahe samaaye thay, jab embassy se aye thay
Har ek ko visa dikhatay thay, aur sath yeh kehtay jatay thay
Chand hi dinoo ki baat hai yaroon jab mein wapis aunga
Sath mein apne dhair se dollar aur patta bhi launga
Tum ne kab yeh socha hoga kya kya kuch pardais mein hoga
Apne dais ke hotay sotay be-watani ko rotay rotay
Dais ko tum pardes kahoge aur pardes ko dais kahoge
Dais ko tum ilzaam bhi doge ultay seedhay naam bhi doge
Dais ko tum ilzaam na do ultay seedhay naam na do
Dais ne tum ko chora thaa ya tum ne dais ko chora thaa
Kyon apnoo se munh mora thaa
Sab rishtoon ko kyo torra thaa
Array jo bhi thaa, kya thora thaa ...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 by Hari
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New Header !!!

Have got a new header for my blog. :)

Got it from Vivek Raghunathan's FLICKR Photostream

The photo has been put up here with the prior consent and permission of the photographer. Have used the "Angelic War" Font for the EUPHORIA Text.

Hope its nice. :)

I actually had something else in mind using the same photo, then changed my mind at the last minute and decided to use this.

Sunday, March 20, 2011 by Hari
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அவன் அவள் - பாகம் - 11

Ok.. An Avan-Aval after a loooong loooong time ...

Avan and Aval are colleagues who have just met and are getting know each other (as friends). The conversation deepens...

Aval :: Hey, nee Santhyavanthanam ellam pannuviya ?
Avan :: Nee yaaru Sandhya nnu Sollu... Naane poi Vanthanam pannnitu varraen...
Aval :: ???!!!#@$@#%#^$&$^%&%^&%^&%^&%^&

True Story !!! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 by Hari
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बंद करो "भारत बंध" !!!!

Dear PR/Communication&Branding Team @ SETMAX...

My apologies for being rude, but you just went down in history as being the most INSENSITIVE, STUPID and SHAMELESS Ad makers in the country..

I have only one question to ask...

How the bloody F*** (Yes, that's a delightful offensive word that I have chosen here)did you think you can come up with an ad that says BHARATH BANDH to promote YOUR DLF IPL ?

So, you people think BHARATH BANDH is just a joke ? In a country that has a population of more than 130 Crores, a BHARATH BANDH Cripples public life and you want to use the word to promote your program ? Seriously, Buddies, I call this Grossly sick in my terms.

I agree, India is a cricket - crazy nation, but that does not mean, you go down to these levels to promote your program.

For those of you, who try to chide me saying that I am making a fuss for something that is so trivial.

This is an insult to the intelligence of the people in this country.

A TV Channel, cannot get away after making such ridiculously shameless advertisements.

SETMAX ?? Dislike - Infinitely

Who is the bloody Crafter of this "masterpiece" ?

Folks who talk about Telengana Bandh or Opposition Bandh on TV for hours together, they (SETMAX) are making fun of you and your issues. Can't you see that ?
TV Channels, (HT, CNN-IBN, Hindu etc..) What are you folks doing ? Enjoying the colorful euphemism ?

Journalism has become Porn in this country.
Not just soft-porn. HARD CORE.

Sunday, March 13, 2011 by Hari
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You know what is Bliss... IV

When you gorge on Two plates of Panipuri (your first in the past 4 months), with the thought that You Deserve it.. !!!

Bliss !!!

by Hari
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You know what is Bliss... III

To have a steam bath, followed by a cold shower. And then a small walk in the hot sun to have Coconut Juice...

Bliss !!!

by Hari
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Arguably My Best "About Me" Till now..

The Folks at TheStentorian Just nailed it I guess with an amazing About Me.. :)
For those of you who wanna know more about me... Read it... :)

A snapshot of the page below...

Coming up ... What's in the March Edition of Stentorian... :)

by Hari
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WriteSpace - Rocks !!! :)

I have started using Chrome and am trying to get used to it.

I tried this new App called WorkSpace.

It Rocks !!!

T.o.t.a.l.l.y !!!

Imagine a Notepad that runs like Unix but has a Spellcheck. Opens right where you've stopped writing even after you've closed the Window. Is Full Screen. And Free !!! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011 by Hari
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When companies think too much about themselves...

Being rude seems to be the order of the day. And I am not surprised at all. After all - This what Big Boss and Roadies teach us. Beep it.

Today, as I was surfing for interesting questions on Quora, I came across an interesting question. "Which Indian startups are hiring ?"

The number one answer on that list was InfinitelyBeta. Catchy name hunh ?

That's what I thought. I clicked on their Jobs page. I thought their Task Page was really very nice. Great way to test the young enthu fellows.

You know what pissed me off totally ?? The following snapshot.

For a company that is a startup, I think they have fallen into the trap of thinking that being Rude is ubercool. They may very well have such notions and dig their own grave.

Sigh.. !!!

Totally pathetic. And did not expect it from an Indian company. And a startup at that.
Disappointing to say the least ... !!!

by Hari
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Love is in the air...

I wrote the below post for a magazine initiative run in my organization for Valentine's Day ....


As much as I would love to wax eloquently on ‘Love-is-in-the-air’ and ‘Cupid-and-his-arrows’ syndrome, come to accept it - Valentine’s day is the most dreaded day in the lives of committed men.
Valentine’s Day is synonymous with gifts and Gifts are aka Confusion. You have to be careful about your gift.
Here are the rules,

a.) It must make her happy and surprised.
b.) It must appear as if you’ve made some effort to get the gift.
c.) It should make her say, “How-Cute”. If you can get her to say that. Ahem Ahem. Half the battle is won.
d.) It must be wrapped neatly and tastefully.
e.) It must be presented where she least expects it to be presented. But don’t misconstrue the statement.
f.) Last but not the least; it must not remind her of your mom.

Keep the last rule, in Font-Size 48, ticker-taping in your head.
Another one of my friends has this huge grudge of Shahrukh Khan. He used to trash SRK at the drop of a hat. One fine day, (read night) we decided to make him reveal why he hated SRK so much. So after 4 rounds of Vodka, out came the truth.

“Arey… All this Valentine’s Day and stuff is sham, man. They were never shipped from Western countries. You know who brought all this to India? Shahrukh Khan!!!”

For a second, all of us looked at each other. SRK? Seriously?

He continued, “He was the one who brought in these Non-Bank-Holidays. If it wasn’t for Dil to Pagal Hai, or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Mohabattein, would you or I know about this, ‘Rose-Day’, ‘Friendship Day’, and ‘Chocolate-Day’, ‘Valentine’s day’?”

Man, he did have a point. I never knew Alcohol made you sober.

But why did he have a grudge on SRK?

“Seeing his movies, my girlfriend began to increase her expectations from me. She wanted me to go to only SRK movies. Buy SRK merchandise. She even wanted me to change my name to Raj. And that’s when we broke up.”

Needless to say, the rest of the evening, my friend spent sobbing.

I’ve had the opportunity many times to be the ‘Agony-Uncle’ for my friends. Once my friend came up to me and asked me for gift advice.

“Get her Xperia. She will go gaga”
“She is not a geek”
“Hmmm... How about a custom made dress by a fashion designer?”
“Done last year.”
“Cosmetics set?”
“First gift I gave her...”
“Spa/Beauty Parlour gift voucher…?”
“Her sister has got it from her husband last year, so she will think I simply copied the idea.”
“How about a hand-made greeting card?”
“I failed in my Arts-And-Crafts course at school dude…”
“Wrist watch? Hand bag?”
“All options exhausted buddy”

Then I came up with (in my opinion) a brilliant idea, “How about sponsoring her shopping expenses for one single day?”

My friend hasn’t spoken to me since.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 by Hari
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Date a guy who reads...

This is inspired by the MonicaBird Post, which was infact a re-blog from the original Rosemarie which was actually almost lost but was saved on Tumblr and that which was shared on Facebook. :)

Now I know I am not going to do full justice to the post if I were to use the same scenarios, but here is my take on the subject of dating guys... :)

Date a guy who reads. Ever seen a guy spend thousands of bucks at a bookstore. Bookmark him. He is probably the kind of guy you’d like to marry.

Find a guy who loves to read, and I can show you a philosopher, a romantic and a brave-heart. You’ll know him the moment you see him, by the detached look on his face, as if he does not connect with the world except the one that exists in his books. If his eyes light up on seeing a Orhan Pamuk or a Ernest Hemingway, He is the guy.

Ssshhhh !! Just heard a wolf whistle? That’s probably when the guy has found a rare book that he has been searching for days together. Can’t you see that the pages of the book that he carries around are still looking crisp and fresh? He can’t bear to see them soiled. He handles them so carefully, lest they get hurt. It hurts him to see a book without its cover or dog-eared pages and quickly sets about repairing them.

He’s the guy who is having the silently funny conversation with the librarian in the archives. And for a change the librarian is actually talking to him and she is even smiling at him now. Makes you wonder what sort of a charm does he cast. Ask him if he is interested in visiting a used-books stall after the library and he will be taken in.

He is the guy who when sitting in a bus, does not mind the jittery ride and continues to read the book, oblivious to all those beautiful girls around him. He does mind you stepping on his toes as long as you don’t let him take his eyes off his book. No !!! Don’t disturb him now. You are most likely to get an angry glare. Perhaps you might even be ignored.

Don’t pretend in front of him. He can see through you if you are saying things just to sound intelligent. Buy him a cup of coffee and make him talk on the books he loves. You can listen to his eloquent words for hours together. Don’t be scared if you get lost in Middle Earth. He will guide you through. Faust confuses you? He will explain the metaphor to you. He is the guy who does not realize that his tea has become cold and formed layers once he gets his hand on a book. Offer to buy him a book and he will follow you to the end of the world.

Get him books for his birthday, for New Year and Valentine’s Day as well. He is not going to complain. And of course, don’t forget to get the books listed on his wish list for Christmas. The man lives in his own world. No fault of his if he wants his life to resemble his favorite book. It’s probably the only thing he understands.

Disappoint him. Because a man who reads knows that the ointment for disappointment is books. You need not always be there for him. Gift him a book and he will feel your presence. Don’t be something that you are not, to him. He knows that people are like characters. It takes them time to grow. If you find a man who reads, keep him away from society. He is a prized catch.

If you find him depressed for days together, ask him the title of the book that he read. Understand what the story meant to him and hold him. Yes!! Hold him. He needs it very badly. He may not cry, but his hug will speak a thousand words, and his smile will make your day. Prod him and he will talk. He will speak on how he felt as if he was inside the book, and how the decision of the protagonists changed his view on things.

Propose to him – with a bookmark. He will understand. In case he doesn’t, send him a couple of books with a telegram. And when even that doesn’t give him the clue, Write a book and ask him to proofread.

Don’t be surprised if he names your kids with strange names. That was bound to happen. He will show your children the philosophy of being altruistic. He will show the kids how it feels to stop by woods on a snowy evening. And perhaps someday he will show his kids that there is a greater heaven. Who knows, someday you might just be reciting “Lochinvar” under your breath as you walk with him to the supermarket.

Date a guy who reads because you deserve it. He can make your life colorful and yet make you feel grounded. Don’t tempt him with vices of the material world, they mean nothing to him. Show him the way to the world of books and he will show you the way to his heart.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Sunday, March 6, 2011 by Hari
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Why People do not respond to emails ...

Now this is a question that has oft been asked at hundreds of forums all around the world and it was recently posed to me by a good friend of mine...

The moment the question was asked, the Egoist in me got back with some major reasons...

Here they are

People are just damn bloody lazy.

I simply hate this lethargy or laziness when it comes to replying to e-mails. How long is it going to take ? Just a couple of clicks. And probably something like a 100 keystrokes ? Definitely less than a tweet.

It's not important.

I simply do not understand how people get that notion, that It's not important. "Oh I thought it was not so important." The biggest irritant with such morons - You actually have to call up these morons and tell them that you've sent them an email and you want them to reply to it. "Oh.. You have sent me a mail kya ?" ... "Aiyoo Raama... !!!!" Worst thing ... "I think I deleted the mail. Can you send again... " And that is usually the straw that breaks the camel's back. I sometimes wonder, who is the bloody HR who picked them up. And from which zoo.

The only question usually topmost on my mind would be
How the bloody f*** can someone ignore my email ? Yes. That's an obscenity. I hate ignorers of email. Totally abhor them. You can ignore a mail if it comes from a stranger or a mail that claims to enlargen your penis size by 60% or someone who is in third-world African country and is promising you a "large" portion of his grandfather's wealth. But ignoring a mail from someone you know... especially me. God Save you the next time we meet in the elevator.

YOU are not important.

Yes.. !! Surprised ? Don't be. You probably are not important to that person. He/She simply does not care !!!

I would sometimes seriously think, "What sort of work do people do, that they don't have time to check and clear their inboxes ?"

To be honest, I am a stickler for a clean Inbox. There is not a single unread email in my Gmail/Office mail boxes at any point of time. I decide then and there whether or not to keep the message. Whether or not to delete the message. And mind you, my Gmail Account size is close to 98% being FULL. (ignoring SPAM)

Now the rationalist in me counters...

Are you sure you are not taking this a bit too far ? You ARE overreacting. Its just an e-mail !!!

Other people don't live for you.

They have their own lives. They have their families. They have kids to worry about. Boyfriends and Girlfriends to attend to. Just because you set your standards high, does not necessarily mean they have to do so too.

They are busy. And by busy I mean REALLY BUSY.

Maybe their job does not currently revolve around a computer. Maybe they are away at a training session. Maybe on call since morning. Maybe there is something important that the boss has asked him/her to complete and they are at it.

You are sending TOO MANY EMAILS.

Are you sure you are not sending too many emails. It always happens. People get totally frustrated when they keep receiving emails one on top of another from the same person. This can definitely be a source of non-reply. I have seen this happen with many a colleague.

Are you hyping or confused with the words IMPORTANT & URGENT ?

Many people send out important mails as URGENT !!! There is a difference between IMPORTANT and URGENT. What is Important may not be urgent right now. And what is Urgent may/may not be Important (though 90% of the cases :: Urgent is Important).

For more on this, I seriously recommend following the Matrix method as described in First Things First by Steven Covey.

[Image Courtesy :- Wikipedia]

I do not wish to conclude or pass judgement on this topic.
Its open for discussion.

by Hari
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Yay !!!!! This is really sweet. Sweeter than Sachin hitting a six off the sweetest part of his bat. :)

My current blog ranking is #101 among all personal blogs on Indiblogger. :) :D

Two weeks back I was discussing on FB on how my current IndiRank is and where I am placed in the Blogger Rank Roll. :)

At that time, a friend of mine had congratulated him, and I had mentioned to him that my blog will be among the top 100 within a year.

Well the rankings for March just came by and I seem to be inching closer to that mark. :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011 by Hari
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Let's do a tag ... !!!

20 years ago I . . .

a young boy, trying hard to learn Hindi, just to avoid getting bullied.

Loved reading Super Commando Dhruv and Chacha Chowdhary.

Became famous in school for giving "a gaali" and was made to do a "murga" in front of the whole school. Totally unforgettable and humiliating experience.

10 years ago I . . .

a young lad, trying hard to beat his peers in school.

Learnt a number of spiritual texts.

Became more mature. Learnt a lot about human beings. Especially the Female Psychology.

5 years ago I . . .

a Mature young man, working his way through one of the top colleges in the country.

Free thinking, independent. Never bothered. Read hell a lot of books.

Realized, in life, you have to let go of somethings and never let go of some other things. The trouble came when I did not which was which.

3 years ago I . . .

Full of energy and enthusiasm because I was going to become part of the corporate lifestyle.

Started this blog.

Stayed away from my family for the first time.

1 year ago I . . .

I decided I was going to break free of all the clutter in my life.

Decided I was going to do something useful with my skills and my life.

Started and finished my Magnum Opus - The Mahabharata War in my own language.

Paid more attention to the "The Story of My Life." My offline readers know more about this. :P And they are loving it !!!
[It will come to this blog eventually - but first let me take the story to a point where I can actually say - "There, i've written something..."] :P

So far this year I . . .

Managed to get bloody pissed off at work - for all the right reasons.

Made a resolution and am sticking to it. Steadfast.

Got myself a new laptop !!! :)

... am having a great time.

Yesterday I . . .

Left office a bit early.

Typed my heart out at the computer.

Earned another fan for "The Story of my life." :)

Today I . . .

Took loads of rest.

Got myself a French Beard.

Did not do something that I should have been doing.

Read a couple of hilarious blogs.

Currently digging into my "archives" for a particularly interesting pdf that I read in the past and unable to recollect its location or its name.

Tomorrow I will . . .

Do the thing that I said I did not do today. :P

Will take out my camera after a brief hiatus and start "shooting".

Try to memorise the Baala Kaand.

Next year I will . . .

I will interview SuperStar, Chiranjeevi and Amitabh Bachchan.

Become the #1 Personal Blogger in the country.

My About me will read "Social Media Analyst, Genius, Deus Ex Machina (:P), Script Writer, Columnist, Photographer, Celebrity Blogger"

Tagging everybody who read this. :)

by Hari
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You know what is Bliss... II

Standing out of the balcony of my flat. Late on a friday evening. A cool breeze blowing. Gently cooling your sweaty body. Ipod plugged in. And listening to...

வானம் எனக்கொரு போதிமரம்
நாளும் எனக்கது செய்தி தரும்
ஒரு நாள் உலகம் நீதி பெரும்
திருநாள் நிகழும் தேதி வரும

Bliss !!!

Friday, March 4, 2011 by Hari
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Apollo's Song - Osamu Tezuka - Brilliant !!!

I always underestimated Anime/Manga. Thought they were far too simple (as in the drawings) and they were all the same. I could never tell the difference between two characters. All had the same spiky hair style and the pointed nose. There was no way I was going to read Manga.

And that was until I read Apollo's Song by Osamu Tezuka.

Osamu Tezuka is known as the "GodFather of Anime" and rightly so. His contribution to Anime is and will be considered as great a contribution by Disney to Animation. His fans address him as "the father of manga" and "the god of comics" sometimes. The wiki link is quite useful in knowing more about Osamu Tezuka, in case you are interested. Though Apollo is not touted to be his best work, his claim to fame was the "Astro Boy". The story of Astro Boy is uncannily similar to that of Enthiran. :)

Now coming to Apollo's song.
I definitely recommend reading the wiki page before you start reading the comic, if you are the one who wants to read and understand more about the nature of the comic.

Coming back to the comic. The story starts on a serious note - as to why do humans mate. And then the story clips to Shogo Chikaishi,a young boy, who is brought to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist gives him an electric shock and it 'tele'ports him into an imaginary world, where an Athena like goddess goes through his past and declares that

(he) would have to experience love across different time periods for the rest of eternity, dying repeatedly until he can one day understand the true meaning of love.

From that point onwards the story is 'penta'furcated. Each one is a masterpiece by itself.

First part is titled Die Blumen und die Leiche. Meaning Flowers and the Corpse. Shogo is a Nazi soldier on a train that is transporting Jews to a concentration camp. An allied attack forces Shogo to rescue and elope a Jew girl - Elise, who thinks that Shogo was responsible for the attack and shoots at him. As he lays, dying, some German soldiers arrive at the place and try to rape the girl. Shogo using the last of his strength rescues the girl however both die. In each other's arms.

Second Part is No Man' Land. Shogo is a pilot with a young female reporter and the plane crashes onto an island. For his hunger, Shogo kills a rabbit. This was against the law of the Jungle and the rabbits physically hurt Naomi, almost maiming her. Shogo learns the rules of the Jungle and nurses Naomi back to health. Shogo and Naomi both know that they like each other but Naomi has a lot more at stake. Just when they realise that they are in love, comes a ship full of poachers that wants these animals. In the scuffle that ensues Naomi is shot and killed. Shogo dies in the subsequent Volcano explosion.

Third Part actually happens in the real world and is titled "The Coach". Shogo escapes from the psychiatrist asylum after killing a nymphomaniac and another woman. As he runs away from the police he is rescued by a woman, Hiromi who has seen him run and wants to coach him to be Marathon runner so that one day he can run the marathon for her. Naomi's fiance is also a trainer and wants Shogo in his team and tries to lure him into his team, but Shogo refuses. An altercation happens and Shogo is found lying half dead in a valley.

Fourth Part is called Queen Sigma and happens sometime in future. Shogo has reached a world where clones called Synthians have overtaken the world and in-order for humans to survive it is necessary to kill Queen Sigma and Shogo is chosen for the job. Shogo succeeds only to realise that no-matter how many times he eliminates the Queen, she will keep coming back. Finally when he realises that he is in love with Queen Sigma, the Queen's bodyguard (another clone) kills Shogo.

Fifth and final part is titled Lover's Hill. And it continues in reality. Shogo rescues a girl from a double suicide case. When confessing to Hiromi that he had pushed the dead body of the guy off the cliff to infuse some sense into the woman, she overhears it and jumps off from the cliff. Meanwhile the Psychiatrist arrives at Hiromi's place and asks her to become "The Laurel Wreath".

Shogo overhears this and tries to run away from the place. Hiromi and her fiance try to race each other in order to find Shogo and the result is an accident where Hiromi is very badly injured. Shogo picks up her body and walks around the forest only to realise that is surrounded and he is going to be arrested. As a last resort, he dumps Hiromi's body in an oil barrel and challenges the Police to shoot him, which they do.

Shogo once again reaches the abode of Athena where she proclaims judgement that Shogo would have to go through this endless cycle of finding-love and losing it.

The dialogues are crisp. Totally awesome. Black and white imagery is kind of hard-hitting. Expressions are nicely evolved. Shogo's face somehow almost always carries a smile. Could have avoided that. Each and every character has been carefully characterized, giving importance to facial features and language. This is easily one of the best comics I have read till date.

Brilliant would be an understatement.

P.S:- Osamu Tezuka's masterpiece - Buddha - Next Comic Book review.. :)

by Hari
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The most embarrassing moment of my life !!!

Well, I've been waiting to tell this story for a long long time... To get it off my mind and to give relief to my over-worked er.. mind.

This incident touted as "The Kumaran Silks" incident remains as the biggest scar in my otherwise spotless life.. :P :D. I've never felt more embarrassed than that, in all of my 25 years. This incident happened around 2001.

Boy meets Girl outside a store.
Boy Sees Girl.
Girl Sees Boy.
Boy is embarrassed.

Well that's the story in a one liner.

Here are the nuts and bolts.

I went with my parents to T.Nagar, to do some shopping and my mom, after a lot of purchases on the street decided to go into Kumaran silks. I was damn tired walking the street in the afternoon, and told her that I would sit outside the Kumaran Silks and wait for her. She said, "Fine. Suit yourself." and went inside.

Now outside this store is famous for its seats outside the shop. I've seen many a handsome husband turn into bent-back old men on these benches. And of course, many a child has graduated from Diaper to Underwear on these very benches. And of course sensing all this many vendors decided to capitalize on this. So, it is in front of Kumaran silks you will find Chana-masala stall, Balloon stall, Helicopter vendor, 4 feet pencil vendors, And of course "Cut and Salted Raw Mango" sellers. And it is precisely one of these vendors that caused my embarrassment.

After I went and sat in one of the seats, I was observing people all around me. There was this small girl (must be around 3-4 years old) who was running around and falling here and there. She was very much cute and was with a Young Girl (hence forth referred to as YG). Now this Young Girl must have been somewhere around 15-16 years of age. (:P)

What happened was that YG went to this mango vendor and got herself two slices of cut-raw-mango. She gave one to the little girl and the other she had it in her hand. Now she was standing some 10 feet away from me and I was sitting on a chair that had 5 empty seats next to it. Basically there was no one to obstruct my view of the girl. :P

Now to tell you about this YG. She was pretty (not sooooo beautiful and stuff... Simple yet pretty.. If you know what I mean) and tall and was wearing an attractive dress.

At one point of time, our eyes met. (nothing like Annalum Nokinaal, Avalum Nokkinaal types.) Just for a second. No, there was no thunder storm and lightning and nor could I hear violins and veena play in the background. Nobody showered flowers. Basically Nothing happened.


I made a mistake here.

I looked at the girl, for a fraction of a second more. Just a teeny weeny fraction !!! That moment of time would not be long enough to qualify for the time to wink an eyelid.

And the next thing the girl did was to adjust her dupatta !!!

Seriously, I was not looking THERE. :( :( :(

Needless to say, it left me totally red-eared. I did not even look in her direction till my mom came out. Left me with a deep psychological scar. Sigh.. Why do men have to be sooooo stereotyped.

This single incident totally shook my belief system in women. :P :D

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by Hari
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