बंद करो "भारत बंध" !!!!

Dear PR/Communication&Branding Team @ SETMAX...

My apologies for being rude, but you just went down in history as being the most INSENSITIVE, STUPID and SHAMELESS Ad makers in the country..

I have only one question to ask...

How the bloody F*** (Yes, that's a delightful offensive word that I have chosen here)did you think you can come up with an ad that says BHARATH BANDH to promote YOUR DLF IPL ?

So, you people think BHARATH BANDH is just a joke ? In a country that has a population of more than 130 Crores, a BHARATH BANDH Cripples public life and you want to use the word to promote your program ? Seriously, Buddies, I call this Grossly sick in my terms.

I agree, India is a cricket - crazy nation, but that does not mean, you go down to these levels to promote your program.

For those of you, who try to chide me saying that I am making a fuss for something that is so trivial.

This is an insult to the intelligence of the people in this country.

A TV Channel, cannot get away after making such ridiculously shameless advertisements.

SETMAX ?? Dislike - Infinitely

Who is the bloody Crafter of this "masterpiece" ?

Folks who talk about Telengana Bandh or Opposition Bandh on TV for hours together, they (SETMAX) are making fun of you and your issues. Can't you see that ?
TV Channels, (HT, CNN-IBN, Hindu etc..) What are you folks doing ? Enjoying the colorful euphemism ?

Journalism has become Porn in this country.
Not just soft-porn. HARD CORE.

Sunday, March 13, 2011 by Hari
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  1. Really nice ad...i really got confused at first...

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