Date a guy who reads...

This is inspired by the MonicaBird Post, which was infact a re-blog from the original Rosemarie which was actually almost lost but was saved on Tumblr and that which was shared on Facebook. :)

Now I know I am not going to do full justice to the post if I were to use the same scenarios, but here is my take on the subject of dating guys... :)

Date a guy who reads. Ever seen a guy spend thousands of bucks at a bookstore. Bookmark him. He is probably the kind of guy you’d like to marry.

Find a guy who loves to read, and I can show you a philosopher, a romantic and a brave-heart. You’ll know him the moment you see him, by the detached look on his face, as if he does not connect with the world except the one that exists in his books. If his eyes light up on seeing a Orhan Pamuk or a Ernest Hemingway, He is the guy.

Ssshhhh !! Just heard a wolf whistle? That’s probably when the guy has found a rare book that he has been searching for days together. Can’t you see that the pages of the book that he carries around are still looking crisp and fresh? He can’t bear to see them soiled. He handles them so carefully, lest they get hurt. It hurts him to see a book without its cover or dog-eared pages and quickly sets about repairing them.

He’s the guy who is having the silently funny conversation with the librarian in the archives. And for a change the librarian is actually talking to him and she is even smiling at him now. Makes you wonder what sort of a charm does he cast. Ask him if he is interested in visiting a used-books stall after the library and he will be taken in.

He is the guy who when sitting in a bus, does not mind the jittery ride and continues to read the book, oblivious to all those beautiful girls around him. He does mind you stepping on his toes as long as you don’t let him take his eyes off his book. No !!! Don’t disturb him now. You are most likely to get an angry glare. Perhaps you might even be ignored.

Don’t pretend in front of him. He can see through you if you are saying things just to sound intelligent. Buy him a cup of coffee and make him talk on the books he loves. You can listen to his eloquent words for hours together. Don’t be scared if you get lost in Middle Earth. He will guide you through. Faust confuses you? He will explain the metaphor to you. He is the guy who does not realize that his tea has become cold and formed layers once he gets his hand on a book. Offer to buy him a book and he will follow you to the end of the world.

Get him books for his birthday, for New Year and Valentine’s Day as well. He is not going to complain. And of course, don’t forget to get the books listed on his wish list for Christmas. The man lives in his own world. No fault of his if he wants his life to resemble his favorite book. It’s probably the only thing he understands.

Disappoint him. Because a man who reads knows that the ointment for disappointment is books. You need not always be there for him. Gift him a book and he will feel your presence. Don’t be something that you are not, to him. He knows that people are like characters. It takes them time to grow. If you find a man who reads, keep him away from society. He is a prized catch.

If you find him depressed for days together, ask him the title of the book that he read. Understand what the story meant to him and hold him. Yes!! Hold him. He needs it very badly. He may not cry, but his hug will speak a thousand words, and his smile will make your day. Prod him and he will talk. He will speak on how he felt as if he was inside the book, and how the decision of the protagonists changed his view on things.

Propose to him – with a bookmark. He will understand. In case he doesn’t, send him a couple of books with a telegram. And when even that doesn’t give him the clue, Write a book and ask him to proofread.

Don’t be surprised if he names your kids with strange names. That was bound to happen. He will show your children the philosophy of being altruistic. He will show the kids how it feels to stop by woods on a snowy evening. And perhaps someday he will show his kids that there is a greater heaven. Who knows, someday you might just be reciting “Lochinvar” under your breath as you walk with him to the supermarket.

Date a guy who reads because you deserve it. He can make your life colorful and yet make you feel grounded. Don’t tempt him with vices of the material world, they mean nothing to him. Show him the way to the world of books and he will show you the way to his heart.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Sunday, March 6, 2011 by Hari
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  1. Loved it...super like it!

    can relate so much to "The man lives in his own world. No fault of his if he wants his life to resemble his favorite book. It’s probably the only thing he understands."!!!

  2. Shiva.. Loved it ? Liked it ?
    Do your friend a favor and share it on FB ... :) :D

  3. I've bookmarked and will soon do a blogpost, linkin back to your post and the original version :)

    Following you as well.
    Defiant Princess

  4. Hey... Thanks a lot for the visit Princess... :)

    Gee... I'd be honored if you'd link back to me.

    To be honest, i've been following you (er.. I meant .. on the internet) offline for quite some time.. Though did not follow or comment.

    Will start doing henceforth. :)

    Am following you as well. (er.. I meant.. on your blog.. :) )

    Thanks for the comments once again.. :)

  5. absolutely great!

  6. Thanks Anonymous... :)

  7. i just read it ..was posted on Bookreareaders Lounge..thanks for putting it there..I am married to such a guy uve described in ur write has its own advantages and disadvantages...!! But the way uve put it up is verriee classy!...

  8. This is absolutely awesome! Thanks for writing it! :D

  9. I read it at bookreaders lounge too, btw! :D

  10. @Bluefish ... Thanks for the visit.. Welcome here...

    Thanks for the compliment. :)

    @Sakhi Thanks for the visit. Welcome here and thanks for the compliment.. :)

    Book Readers Lounge ? Must check it out.. :)

  11. No matter the number of times I read this post, I'm never going to get over it. I totally know the feeling of wanting to date a guy who reads *sigh*
    Cheers Hari, and thanks again!
    - Shibani.

  12. @Pseudoblogger ... Thanks a lot for the kind words... :)

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  14. Good going buddy :-) Enjoyed your blog and completely agree with it!!! With every statement of yours I imagine my husband, I made a right choice indeed :-)

  15. @Harsha... Thanks for the visit !!!
    LOL .. Yes indeed, you have made a right choice.. :)

  16. Exactly twenty days later I got the answer to my sigh. *sigh*
    Thankyousomuch! Big Fan! :P

  17. Hi there! This is a nice post. Your blog was referred to me by a fellow blogger. :)

    I would love to date or even marry someone who loves to read. If he can write too, it will be a lot better.

    I like this line: "He can’t bear to see them soiled. He handles them so carefully, lest they get hurt." And I wish, men would do this not only to the books but also to us women.

  18. My response:

    Date a man who dreams.

    Date a man who doesn’t spend his money on drink, or clothes, or video games, but saves what he has to go on adventures and pursue his dreams. He might have problems dealing with everyday things but no-one sees the possibilities life holds like he does. This is a man who is ready for anything, who will drop everything on a moment’s notice to run away and get lost somewhere with you or show up unannounced to whisk you away on some crazy adventure. Date a man who sees the world in millions of colours, who has his head in the clouds and his feet on the ground.

    Read more:

  19. Hey! I run a nonprofit org that sets up libraries in developing countries! We raise money for our projects by selling shirts that say "Reading is Sexy" -- for all those reasons and more I LOVE this blog post!!!

    emily -

  20. Here I am, reading this post again after a very long time. Loved it then, love it now. Beautifully phrased, much much better than the original, at least as far as my opinion goes.

  21. Thanks Mahima !

  22. Really liked it :)

    I'm thinking of translating it to greek and post it in on my blog, of course I'll link back to your original version. :)


  23. I`ll include:

    Date a guy who reads because he knows how to be a gentleman, Shakespeare told him that love stories are timeless.

    Date a guy who reads because he will not take you for granted, he has been thru dragons, long storms and villains to fight for the girl of his dreams and realities.

    Date a guy who feels when he reads because he might not show emotion but his emotion is not physical but at the heart, where all those moments are stored.

    Get him books on random occasions because that's the perfect excuse to remind him that you were thinking of him and have more than one story in mind.

    Date a guy who reads because he knows even after finishing the book the story is not over, he will take it again and discover new perspectives on the things he love.

    Date a guy who reads so you will be his last first kiss. Date a guy who looks you the way he look at his stories you'll be able to see how his eyes open as your story unveils.

    Date a guy who reads but better date a guy who writes, because he will invite you into his story.

  24. Thank you, you made my day.

  25. im sorry but the scenarios are in no way different from the woman version. my heart bleeds at this blatant plagiarism.

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