The most embarrassing moment of my life !!!

Well, I've been waiting to tell this story for a long long time... To get it off my mind and to give relief to my over-worked er.. mind.

This incident touted as "The Kumaran Silks" incident remains as the biggest scar in my otherwise spotless life.. :P :D. I've never felt more embarrassed than that, in all of my 25 years. This incident happened around 2001.

Boy meets Girl outside a store.
Boy Sees Girl.
Girl Sees Boy.
Boy is embarrassed.

Well that's the story in a one liner.

Here are the nuts and bolts.

I went with my parents to T.Nagar, to do some shopping and my mom, after a lot of purchases on the street decided to go into Kumaran silks. I was damn tired walking the street in the afternoon, and told her that I would sit outside the Kumaran Silks and wait for her. She said, "Fine. Suit yourself." and went inside.

Now outside this store is famous for its seats outside the shop. I've seen many a handsome husband turn into bent-back old men on these benches. And of course, many a child has graduated from Diaper to Underwear on these very benches. And of course sensing all this many vendors decided to capitalize on this. So, it is in front of Kumaran silks you will find Chana-masala stall, Balloon stall, Helicopter vendor, 4 feet pencil vendors, And of course "Cut and Salted Raw Mango" sellers. And it is precisely one of these vendors that caused my embarrassment.

After I went and sat in one of the seats, I was observing people all around me. There was this small girl (must be around 3-4 years old) who was running around and falling here and there. She was very much cute and was with a Young Girl (hence forth referred to as YG). Now this Young Girl must have been somewhere around 15-16 years of age. (:P)

What happened was that YG went to this mango vendor and got herself two slices of cut-raw-mango. She gave one to the little girl and the other she had it in her hand. Now she was standing some 10 feet away from me and I was sitting on a chair that had 5 empty seats next to it. Basically there was no one to obstruct my view of the girl. :P

Now to tell you about this YG. She was pretty (not sooooo beautiful and stuff... Simple yet pretty.. If you know what I mean) and tall and was wearing an attractive dress.

At one point of time, our eyes met. (nothing like Annalum Nokinaal, Avalum Nokkinaal types.) Just for a second. No, there was no thunder storm and lightning and nor could I hear violins and veena play in the background. Nobody showered flowers. Basically Nothing happened.


I made a mistake here.

I looked at the girl, for a fraction of a second more. Just a teeny weeny fraction !!! That moment of time would not be long enough to qualify for the time to wink an eyelid.

And the next thing the girl did was to adjust her dupatta !!!

Seriously, I was not looking THERE. :( :( :(

Needless to say, it left me totally red-eared. I did not even look in her direction till my mom came out. Left me with a deep psychological scar. Sigh.. Why do men have to be sooooo stereotyped.

This single incident totally shook my belief system in women. :P :D

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by Hari
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  1. ha ha ha that's funny.., didn't expect that would certainly come.. :p

    n yes! it happened to me twice... but m not embarassed,u see :D

  2. @Anuroop... :) LOLzzz....

    Glad you came to my blog...

  3. Adei, I was waiting to see what is going to happen and certainly did not expect her to do that!!!!!

  4. dai.. Even I was thinking that there might be a "Annalum Nokkinaan... Avalum Nokkinaal" or else "Kannum Kannum ottikichu.. kaathal vanthu sikkikichu" kind of scene...

    What to do..? All my time. !!!

  5. oh Hari...sorry on behalf of all gals...i have done this to many guys too,and instantly regretted it..wat to do..its such an involuntary reaction..we are bred in such a way 2 feel conscious wen someone looks,not just guys..we do it even when women,kids,or even animals luk at us :) :) ...

  6. Oh.. Lakshu, that's soo very sweet of you. :)

    I understand that it is an involuntary reflex action found predominantly in Indian women. :)

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