Why People do not respond to emails ...

Now this is a question that has oft been asked at hundreds of forums all around the world and it was recently posed to me by a good friend of mine...

The moment the question was asked, the Egoist in me got back with some major reasons...

Here they are

People are just damn bloody lazy.

I simply hate this lethargy or laziness when it comes to replying to e-mails. How long is it going to take ? Just a couple of clicks. And probably something like a 100 keystrokes ? Definitely less than a tweet.

It's not important.

I simply do not understand how people get that notion, that It's not important. "Oh I thought it was not so important." The biggest irritant with such morons - You actually have to call up these morons and tell them that you've sent them an email and you want them to reply to it. "Oh.. You have sent me a mail kya ?" ... "Aiyoo Raama... !!!!" Worst thing ... "I think I deleted the mail. Can you send again... " And that is usually the straw that breaks the camel's back. I sometimes wonder, who is the bloody HR who picked them up. And from which zoo.

The only question usually topmost on my mind would be
How the bloody f*** can someone ignore my email ? Yes. That's an obscenity. I hate ignorers of email. Totally abhor them. You can ignore a mail if it comes from a stranger or a mail that claims to enlargen your penis size by 60% or someone who is in third-world African country and is promising you a "large" portion of his grandfather's wealth. But ignoring a mail from someone you know... especially me. God Save you the next time we meet in the elevator.

YOU are not important.

Yes.. !! Surprised ? Don't be. You probably are not important to that person. He/She simply does not care !!!

I would sometimes seriously think, "What sort of work do people do, that they don't have time to check and clear their inboxes ?"

To be honest, I am a stickler for a clean Inbox. There is not a single unread email in my Gmail/Office mail boxes at any point of time. I decide then and there whether or not to keep the message. Whether or not to delete the message. And mind you, my Gmail Account size is close to 98% being FULL. (ignoring SPAM)

Now the rationalist in me counters...

Are you sure you are not taking this a bit too far ? You ARE overreacting. Its just an e-mail !!!

Other people don't live for you.

They have their own lives. They have their families. They have kids to worry about. Boyfriends and Girlfriends to attend to. Just because you set your standards high, does not necessarily mean they have to do so too.

They are busy. And by busy I mean REALLY BUSY.

Maybe their job does not currently revolve around a computer. Maybe they are away at a training session. Maybe on call since morning. Maybe there is something important that the boss has asked him/her to complete and they are at it.

You are sending TOO MANY EMAILS.

Are you sure you are not sending too many emails. It always happens. People get totally frustrated when they keep receiving emails one on top of another from the same person. This can definitely be a source of non-reply. I have seen this happen with many a colleague.

Are you hyping or confused with the words IMPORTANT & URGENT ?

Many people send out important mails as URGENT !!! There is a difference between IMPORTANT and URGENT. What is Important may not be urgent right now. And what is Urgent may/may not be Important (though 90% of the cases :: Urgent is Important).

For more on this, I seriously recommend following the Matrix method as described in First Things First by Steven Covey.

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I do not wish to conclude or pass judgement on this topic.
Its open for discussion.

Sunday, March 6, 2011 by Hari
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  1. One more response from such people can be "I checked it too late!"

  2. You are like that... no cluttering and even if it is digital cluttering.. for you its NO! no?

  3. I also suspect that MANY people are beginning to suffer from being overwhelmed by the flood of emails and other forms of communication that bombard us every day. Being constantly in contact with a large number of people by emails, texts, phones, etc. is not a natural condition for the human mind. It's creating an overwhelmed society that is drifting more and more into ADHD and other stressful mental conditions.

  4. Just to mention a simple email tracking (TailMail) that anyone can set up in a few seconds and start to track future emails, especially the ones with no reply.
    This free service is at "www.mobileshortcut.com/TAILMAIL" which reports if and when your email has been read, how many times, from which location, and if the email has been forwarded, to where, as well.

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