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To The Girl Who Wants To Marry Me !!!

Of late a lot of people(especially my female friends) have been constantly asking, if they should start looking out for a girl for me. No, I am not desperate, Please... !!!

Honestly speaking, I have absolutely no intention of getting married. Even when I tell it out loud and clear, they assume its only a manifestation of my inner desire to get married (duh !!!).

So recently a couple of friends got down to the real basics and asked me what were my expectations. Though, I had my answer then and there, they insisted that I think it over and get back to them. So I spent the excessively long weekend to think up on a lot of things. Read a lot of blogposts and related articles. Particularly impressed by this, but still felt there was more I could add.

The below list is a result of this effort.

She should know the difference between an egoist and an egotist.
So that she would know who is talking to her when I talk to her.
She must have the reading habit. Even if not Sophie Kinsella and Sidney Sheldon, atleast Chetan Bhagat and Vikram Seth. Not even that ? Atleast Womens' Era and Femina - (Vikatan, Kumudam and Mangaiyar Malar is a big plus)
So that she would be able to appreciate my reading habit.
Must know how many centuries/half centuries/runs Sachin has scored in all forms of the game.
So that I can celebrate Sachin's victories with her.
Should not have watched more than 3 Vijay Films in theatre.
[If yes, she is by default "infected".Rejuct !!! Rejuct !!! Rejuct !!!]
No comments
She must know the keyboard controls for CounterStrike and must be sometimes willing to become the enemy. She should spare me sometimes, and sometimes finish me. And we should play the game when we are really mad at each other.
So that I am always reminded that CounterStrike is just a game.
And pray that such a travesty never occurs in real life.
She should be able to tolerate (if unable to appreciate) my fashion sense.

I will find her beautiful always, whether its Kanchipuram Silk or plain Cotton saree.
She must not insist on going to the Cinemas for watching movies all the time.

Sometimes some movies are best watched holding hands, eating home made food, cuddling together, at home.
She should know who are Charlie's angels and my favorite one as well.
She must not mistake wikiLeaks for some plumbing advertisement.
She need not be extremely intelligent but should be able to beat me at my own arguments solely on logic. She must,of course, sometimes be dumb as well.

So that I am reminded that I am imperfect as well.
She should not mind me clicking her photos - random pics.
She should sometimes leave her mobile at home and go somewhere without telling me and then come back late.
So that I get an opportunity to get angry at her (mock-anger) and then force her to make up with me. But the real reason would be "So that I'll miss her like hell."
She should have her own blog, and rant on it as frequently as possible.
That is the one of the ways I'll come to know why she is mad at me. Also an easy way to find out what she wants for her birthday/anniversary.
Talking of Birthdays and Anniversaries, she must make an effort to surprise me every birthday I get younger with her. And no, enough books already. Surprise me baby.. !!!
For Anniversaries, it should never be a lop-sided affair. She must also make an effort to gift me something. After all am I not the one thing that she cherishes the most in life.
She MUST know her Mahabharata and Ramayana - atleast the basics puh-lease !!!
She must be able to enjoy "dandanakka danukkanakka" with the same enthu as Gaptun fighting Baakissdhaan Terrorists with one leg on the wall and "sozhaitifying" the other one around.'
She must know words like "chamathu", "saatrumanthu", "thobbakadeer", "gudugudu" (among others)and use them in day-today-life. :)
She should sometimes talk total nonsense. And I should have the opportunity to record it.
So that I can have a good laugh whenever I listen to it, and also make fun of her.
As bare minimum requirements she should have accounts in Scribd, Picasa, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook. She must subscribe to atleast 3 dozen blogs on the Internet and be up-to-date with latest tech trends. She must know how to download files from Megaupload, Rapidshare, Mediafire and 4Shared. [DepositFiles, DropBox users are also encouraged]
She should know the difference between a TV Recording, Webcast and PodCast.
She must know the difference between Vadakalai and Thengalai. She must also know the difference between Vadama (An Iyer Sub-Caste) and Vadamaalai (One that you make Hanuman wear on Saturdays..)
She must watch some really good TV Programmes. Not those damn reality shows that show soft porn on prime time. And of course, she has to up-to-date with all the latest gossip on TV and Cinema world.
So that she can always fill me up on what I am missing.
She must have long hair. Atleast till hips. (OK.. That is too much to ask for) Atleast till her shoulders.
She shouldn't mind wearing short pants/shirts when I am around, but know that I love the sari version of her more than anything else.
She should be able to imitate me, my voice and my mannerisms.
So that we can always have a good laugh teasing each other.
I want her to find me cute and handsome and sexy.
I want her to keep looking in my direction when at any social event, talk to me with her eyes and MUST flirt with me.
She must be the one takes the first step in holding my hands.
She should definitely have a few guy friends and talk to them strictly occasionally.
So that I would only grow slightly jealous and more possessive about her.
I want her to have an opinion. Certainly not on Everything. But for the things that matter. And I want her opinion to differ from mine. Not always, but more often.
I am totally OK if she disappoints me in some of these expectations. There have to be a couple of disappointments to be able to enjoy the good things in life.
I wouldn't want her to know everything. There are some things which I'd like to learn together, with her.
After reading all this,

If you reading this and you are a girl who thinks I might be an interesting person, you know how to contact me. :P

P.S:- This IS NOT an official Matrimonial Advertisement. Please don't send me "Love You" or "Wanna Marry you" mails. My inbox is already flooded. And NO !!!, No anonymous friend requests on FB Please.. !!!

P.P.S:- The Other Libran Girl after reading this post, said in her own inimitable style in Tamizh, "Chuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmaaaaaa !!!!" :)

P.P.P.S:- Three women whom I admire and look up to, read a draft of this post, and said, that they were officially withdrawing their offer of looking out for a girl for me.

P.P.P.P.S:- All three, even went to the extent, of saying, "If you ever find such a girl, Marry Her and Take very good care of her. And don't bring her near our husbands !!! " You bet, I would marry her and Wouldn't even let your husbands have a look at her. !!! :) :D :P

P.P.P.P.P.S:- If you find some of the points really romantic (or) mushy (or) disgusting (as your taste may be), and totally unlike the Hari that you've known, Sorry, You just haven't known me yet.. :P :D

P.P.P.P.P.P.S:- To my Sister :: You DID NOT read this post. This one completely missed your eyes and did not appear in your feed anywhere !!! If you wish to discuss anything about this post, please remember, this post does not exist !!! :P :D

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The Strange Case of Two Libran Women !!!

Fact #1 :: The people in this post are all true and exist. And yes, I regularly have hour-long (sometimes much longer) conversations with them.
Fact #2 :: Ok... And Before you start to conjecture. This is NOT a love story. I am not in Love with any of the women mentioned in the below paragraphs. OK. Atleast that's what I want you to think.
Fact #3 :: The Title initially thought out was "The Other Libran Girl" inspired by "The Other Boleyn Girl". Then I thought, since I would be mentioning about two women here, I'd better do justice to both, hence the change in title.
Fact #4 :: "The Libran Girl" & "The Other Libran Girl" are two different people. As different as a PC and a Mac.
Fact #5 :: I am not comparing these two women. Never !!! I will never let such a travesty to happen. Read the Epilogue to gather more information.

#Start of Prelude
Before I start this story, there is another incident which acts as the precursor to all of this. Around February 2010, I had this burning desire to get myself a Tarot Card Reading. To cut a long story short, I got one of my colleagues to do a reading for me, and she gave me quite a few predictions. One of them was
"In another three months you will meet a girl. And this girl will change your life forever."
At that point of time, being the eager and curious chap that I was, I interpreted that quote as "meeting the girl of my dreams" and I was literally jumping with joy.

Before you come to any conclusion, there is an Epilogue regarding this prediction at the end.
Fact #6 :: I forgot the prediction in a week.

#End of Prelude

The Libran Girl

I first met "The Libran Girl" at an extended work-place. It ALL started (as clichéd as it might sound) pretty ordinarily. There were no eyes flashing, slo-mo glances and stuff. In fact it was pretty stuffy in the dingy place. We never did any real talking till the time we all decided to go to a tourist place. And that was when we both started talking.

The conversations picked up steam very very slowly. Soon it was time for "The Libran Girl" to depart. She wouldn't believe it if I said this to her face, but the day she left, or rather the moment she walked out of the door with all her baggage, I wished so hard, that she would walk back and declare that she was just kidding. Sigh !! :)

But we did manage to keep in touch via phone. It was on the Phone, that the actual "getting-to-know" stuff happened. And hell, we did learn a lot about each other. The Libran Girl kept insisting that I come visit her. She really really is very persistent. So visit her I did. During the short visit, we exchanged a lot of notes - common stuff, problems, awesome lunch/dinners during weekends - and plenty of esoteric knowledge as well.

Honestly I learnt a lot more from her, than she actually learnt from me. More on those learnings a little while later.

On the day last I met her, I was all senti, and she said in one line "No sentiments yaar. We are not living in 1970's that we can't visit each other. We are nothing less than a night's travel apart. So chill."

Post that, there has been heavy gtalk and IM stuff going on. We've had conversations that ran into multiple days.. :P :D

The Other Libran Girl

I did not meet "The Other Libran Girl". It was Chance/God that made the meeting happen. And guess what, God gave me the Phone number along with her photo. :) :D

I am not going to clarify further. :P. Nevertheless, what initially started as something very very formal has quickly blossomed into a very healthy friendship of which I am really proud of. The best part of the whole episode - We haven't yet met each other !!!

We have been talking over the phone. "The Other Libran Girl" was never in the prediction that my colleague made for me, but it has happened somehow.
I tell both these women, quite often, that I adore them. Totally. Each shows to me a different aspect every day, that I am sometimes too stunned for words. They never fail to amaze me. Day after Day. Both these women have changed my life in ways I never thought. One brought back my interest in something that I had almost abandoned - for lack of someone to share my knowledge with. The other has made me get in touch with my inner-self, asking me some deeply profounding questions for which I have no answers.

Here is a quick comparison between the two. No Offence meant ladies. Just seeing how two people, born under the same sun-sign can be soooooo very different. :)

First the Similarities.
# Both are extremely attractive women, capable of flooring any guy on the block.
# Intelligent, charming and sensitive.
# "The Libran Girl" and "The Other Libran Girl" have a way with words.
# The way both of them apologize makes sure that you cannot FOREVER be angry at them
# Both of them show a genuine interest in people - which is so very Libran.
# They are usually busy all the weekends.
# Both of them wear specs. :)
# Both have admitted to me, that I am one of the most intelligent man they have met in their lives.

Now coming to the differences. Now this is going to be a big list. :)

The Libran Girl

The Other Libran Girl

Pretty headstrong and is capable of taking independent decisions and stick to them.

Needs a lot of coaxing to even get into the decision making mode.

Takes time to take decisions but those are usually correct/sensible/morally right.

Keeps contemplating options even after making a decision.

Is pretty much non-Geek. Doesn't delve too much into techie stuff.

Totally GEEK. Can take down any Geeky guy with her coding knowledge and skills.

Knows a couple of languages.

Knows a whole bunch of languages and is a instructor in some of them.

Knows her epics like the back of her hand. Pretty much up-to-date with controversies.

Totally clueless. Cannot differentiate Sita from Mandodari.

Reads extensively and keeps herself updated with the outside world

"Reading ?? What is that?". Reads only non-fiction. (Thank God). Selectively.

Very Very persistent. Sticks to one thing and makes sure she gets it.

Totally without "stick-to-it"ness. Will drop and move on to other things, at the drop of a hat.

Not that social. Has a good number of friends. Does not bother if one of them disowns. :P

Very Social. Huge Social Circle. 'n' number of friends with whom she HAS to kind of socialize otherwise they will disown her.

Does not pay much attention to make-up and cosmetics, but can look very pretty when she makes an effort to. And can dress-to-kill for the occasion.

Dresses for every single event as if it were some wedding reception. Has to look stunning and will go to any effort to look totally awesome. :)

Awesome Attention span. Very Good listener.

Suffers from AADS (Advanced Attention Deficiency Syndrome). Cannot concentrate on one thing for more than 10 minutes max. After which subject loses interest and changes tack. Bad listener. Excellent Yapper.

Can remember things from conversations that happened really really long time ago and those that I labeled as trivial.

Pathetic short term memory. Cannot remember stories that were told the day before.

Tone and Choice of words – pretty much aggressive. J

Will not hesitate to abuse.

Pretty much toned down choice of words. But,

Will not hesitate to abuse.

Signature Word :: "Hare Krsna !!!"

Signature Word :: "Yeah, Right !!!"

Phew..!!! Quite a list, ain't it ?

I am thankful to god, for bringing these women into my life and literally changing the course of my life. A lot has changed in my life after the arrival of these two women. Not one milestone in my life. Two to be precise !!!

I connect with "The Libran Girl" in a more intellectual manner, its more mature. "The Other Libran Girl" connects with me in a more personal, emotional manner - child like.

Thanks "The Libran Girl" and "The Other Libran Girl" for graciously accepting me for what I am, and for putting up with a character like me, who can put sulphuric acid to shame with his words and send Cho Ramaswamy tottering back home with his sarcasm.

I wanted to record this on my blog, because I felt that was the best way I could cherish these memories. I hope and pray that we stay as we are now, forever. (Further developments are encouraged. :P ...)

Fact #7 :: The whole prediction thing came crashing down on me, in late February, this year, when I realized what my colleague had predicted. It had never occurred to me, even for a single instant in the past 9 months, to look forward into the prediction. :). In hind-sight, the past 12 months have been the best 12 months in a long long time. Strange are the ways of providence. :) :D

P.S:- And if you are wondering what I was referring to in many places, Read my post on what I did in August in 2010 Here. :P :D

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Lessons to be learnt from "The Kiruba Backlash"

Honestly speaking, I never knew what had happened until I saw SpyMaami's tweet that read

This Kiruba backlash is missing The Mad Momma. Where is she?
And then started my digging into Social Media Archives on what happened.
(Its a shame that I am getting to it after such a long time)

The tweet in question was this.

And this what triggered the "Kiruba-Massacre" on Twitter. What actually happened was that people sidelined the main issue of "a child driving a car on the highway" and resorted to personal attacks. One called Kiruba a "village idiot". One blogger from Singapore, hit below the belt with this comment.
#ThisDayThatAge Kiruba rises to fame putting up Trisha video. Trisha vows to never take bath again. He becomes Blogger#1. Trisha endorses Fa
Going by the volume of tweets on Twitter, it was clear, Kiruba was being hounded. A lot of people did not like him. A LOT is actually an understatement. The animosity that they (the people) had against him, manifested itself in tweets that can be classified from #nauseating to #outrightedlyDisgusting.

For a small duration of time on 20th April, #Kiruba was trending twitter. Kiruba did not waste his time trying to explain his action, but rather after the incident, he put up a blog post that said he was trying to get his kids learn by involvement. He called it Involvement Learning. The problem was that this did not go down well with others. They were outraged further. Check out the comments section of the page for some really rude/vengeful comments.

He later posted a tongue-in-cheek photo, that sure had many of his trolls red in the face. His tweet read -
Photo of my 9 year old daughter riding a bike all by herself.
And the picture he put up was -

Agreed. What Kiruba did is wrong. He issued an apology and tweeted about it. He took all the jokes and blogposts and tweets pretty casually. How many of the trolls can do that ? Don't tell me, he'd better take them casually, because he was on the wrong side. How many of us apologise when we are on the wrong side ?

I do not understand and I do not wish to know what these people had against Kiruba. It had to be something personal for sure, because when I see people like Navin Kabra write up a blog post like this, I am surprised. This incident went on to spawn some more crazy stuff like the one here. One more cartoon is re-produced below, that has Kiruba himself taking it pretty well and commenting on it first. Taken from BollyGlot.

And the joke seems to be quite funny to many a people, who are spawning more nauseating stuff. I feel sick. Not because I cannot stand it, its because people are acting so immature and sadistic. Well, Kiruba made a mistake. He owned up. As one of the tweeters(@logic) said in response to a tweet by @beastoftraal who said that Kiruba should issue an explanation.
@beastoftraal well d problem i see is he accepts mistakes very late.Untill strangled he says "My rabbit has only 3 legs" & am right #kiruba
My point here is that atleast he accepts his mistake. There are hundreds of other totally wacky and arrogant tweeters, who go scot free. I've personally seen some tweeters go 'beep-beep-beep' on twitter. That's perfectly fine right ?

It brought out a new tag. #notlegalbutsafe. But I have this one question to ask all these people out there, who were making fun of Kiruba with this tag...
#Have you never paid a bribe to any government officer anywhere, under any circumstances ?
#Have you never bought/read a pirated book ? Ever ? Not even online ?
#Have you booked/registered your plot for full value in any of the registrar offices in India ?
#Have you ever sold/exchanged/travelled on a ticket meant for someone else, expecting the TTR not to check your e-ticket ?
#Did you buy gold at GRT or Tanishq or Kalyan without the bill so that you would not have to pay the Tax ?
I have more questions to ask, but am restricting myself here. If the answer to any one of these questions is Yes, Then, Can I say that the #notlegalbutsafe tag is applicable to you too as well ?

I am not on any side here. I am not supporting Kiruba. Nor am I accusing him. He made the mistake of admitting to a mistake on a social forum, and look how they hound him.

And it is only natural, that a person's past also comes up on occassions like these. Kiruba was earlier involved in a Wikipedia incident which was blown out of proportions, offline and online as well. Kiruba has blogged about it here. And Wiki has issued its clarification here.

So why is Kiruba being targeted ?
#Can I say that people are just jealous that someone has made it big - has a widely followed blog, is an entrepreneur and has so many followers on Twitter and Facebook ?
#Have people become trolls on the Internet, that all they care is to find some bakra whom they can trash ?
[Most of the tweeters who were trashing Kiruba had such pathetic spellings that I felt, that, when confronted, these people would give excuses citing their mobile "un-comfi-ness" as a reason]
#Is being Rude and Nasty the "In-Thing" on the Internet ? Is it the instant fame ? But is there really glory in this ?

Coming to the Gyaan part of the incident. Here are the learnings.
#Do not mix Personal and Professional Life.
Am not sure, how much of Kiruba's professional life was affected by this incident but am sure it would have been significant.

I do understand that at some point of time, mixing Personal and Professional life becomes unavoidable. They come as part of the package. But things like, Going to The Mall, Travelling to Hyderabad for a personal trip, Going Abroad for a holiday can be avoided as much as possible, if unable to eliminate such an event. If you really want to inform, use the mailbox or auto-mailers. And you know pretty well, if its really really important, the news will reach you, no matter what.

#Avoid having too much of your Personal/Professional life online.
As a matter of fact, I do not have details of the organization where I work, online ANYWHERE. It really becomes a pain, when you cannot be yourself anywhere online. You cannot rant on it on your blog. You cannot put it up as a status on your FB or Twitter for fear of your employer reading it. Have a compartment, where someone sees only what they should be able to see. Set up lists/ Use such mechanisms to keep things in place.

#Take criticism graciously. When you can't, keep your mouth shut.
The trolls feed on what you provide them with. You don't feed the fire, it dies out pretty soon. And when you are in deep-shit, accept it graciously and move on. Shit Happens.

#Be nice to people. Either way you move - horizontal or vertical. You might need their help.
People turn into trolls mainly because we could not help them in some way or we were rude to them in past (for some trivial reason) or we refused a request from them. People remember things for a long time, when their egos are hurt. So remember not to ruffle too many feathers during your climb.

#Do not rant about your mistakes on Social Media
These days every Tom Dick and Hari calls himself a Social Media Evangelist/Observer/Enthusiast. Everybody has "found" out the way Social Media works. Your one tweet is going to stay longer with the presence of tools like TwitLonger and archiving tools like IceRocket. With the ubiquitousness of Internet on Smartphones, everybody is connected online. Just imagine this, Being on twitter is like sending out an email to 10,000 of your colleagues - except for the fact that it is restricted to 140 characters. Would you send out a mail highlighting how you bypassed the proxy :)... Or would you tell the world, how you found porn on a colleague's shared folder ? It's something akin to that.

#Be Alert/Responsible.
What you say in jest can be used against you later. And it will only be in an incriminating sense. We've seen cases in the past where people lost jobs because of status updates on Facebook and Twitter. Hence be totally aware of the direction in which your tweet is going to take you.

Remember, It only takes a tweet - To Trend. #Fame or #epicFail. That's your choice.

Today it is Kiruba. Tomorrow it could be you. Better get some lessons from Kiruba on how to handle backlash, they might come in handy.

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April Edition of Stentorian is Out....

The April Edition of TheStentorian is out.

I have 3 articles for this month :)

The Next Big Thing - Part 2 - A Guide to Starting-Up

How to say "NO" to grabbing a cup of Coffee - Under Office Etiquette ...

And as usual - Sun Signs for April.

But the ones that impress me the most this month are as ::

Friends with Ex ??

The Question of Want and Wanting more !!!

Happy Reading... And of course, if you like the article - Please share and reshare.. :)

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Hey There Delilah - Its what you do to me..

Thank you M for introducing me to such a wonderful song...
Fantastic Lyrics !!! Mind blowing !!!
"What you do to me"

Hey There Delilah lyrics
Songwriters: Higgenson, Tom;

Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York City
I'm a thousand miles away
But girl tonight you look so pretty, yes you do
Times Square can't shine as bright as you, I swear it's true

Hey there Delilah don't you worry about the distance
I'm right there if you get lonely give this song another listen
Close your eyes, listen to my voice it's my disguise
I'm by your side

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me

Hey there Delilah, I know times are getting hard
But just believe me girl, someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar
We'll have it good, we'll have the life we knew we would
My word is good

Hey there Delilah, I've got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away, I'd write it all
Even more in love with me you'd fall, we'd have it all

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
And we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way

Delilah I can promise you
That by the time that we get through
The world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame

Hey there Delilah
You be good and don't you miss me
Two more years and you'll be done with school
And I'll be making history like I do

You'll know it's all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there Delilah here's to you
This one's for you

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 by Hari
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On why I disagree with IHM ...

I love to read blogs. Especially bloggers who write really excellent stuff, without holding themselves back. IHM is one such blogger, but today when I read (on Google Reader) a post by her, I am tempted to write this post.

[I agree that the post is not her own, but one among the ones that she posts - which are forwarded. NOM, but some amount of sense should have prevailed before it was posted]

The post in question is here.

The title of the post reads "Some happy relationship rules. Add yours?". IHM then lists one rule after another. Yes. That's perfectly fine, until #15.

"Never let a man know everything. He will use it against you later."

I agreed with all the points in question except for this one. This one rankled me. It kept haunting me to be honest. If all these points are applicable for a woman, am sure, atleast some of these will be applicable for men as well.

Would a woman accept it "open-heartedly" or "more than willingly" the fact that her husband hid something from her .. ? (need not be an extra marital affair always - it can be a secret loan that he took before marriage and never told his wife about. It can also be a secret ailment he is suffering from [but getting treatment for it as well])

I can say with crystal clarity that the woman will be wild and totally unconvinced once she comes to realize that her husband hadn't told/confided her. For her, its a feeling of being used but not considered worthy enough to be confided.

How does a woman feel when her man does not confide in her ? Very Happy right ? Shouldn't she be proud and declare to her neighbours "Oh.. Mere pati to mujhse kuch bhi nahi bolte. Bahut shaanth hain ji.." - or "My husband doesn't open up to me actually. But he is a nice guy."
If the guy doesn't talk about his past, he is labeled as hiding something, with skeletons in his cabinet, but when a woman does this, its perfectly fine. Yeah.. Right.. !!!
How the guy feels, in what way does it make a difference to the girl here ?
Who the Bloody F is he ?
Why should the guy feel anything ?
He is after all there, just looking for an opportunity to screw another woman.
Isn't it ?
And is waiting to make his wife/current partner a dummy piece.
Perfect. Makes perfect sense.
Who is this man ?
What right does he have to know her past ?
And Why The F should the woman tell him everything ?

I have seen men labeled as "Bastards","MC's" and "BC's" (Hindi ones), "Perverts", "Filth" among many other choicest epithets that women hurl on men. I've frequently had more than one woman tell me "All men are bastards" on not one, but multiple occasions.

I always tell this to all my woman friends/colleagues. Make a statement, Its appreciated, but do not generalize. NEVER !!!

I take offence at generalization. I take offence at Stereotyping. I have certain theories which clearly indicate the nature of woman. As much as woman trash it, mainly because it shows their narrow minded personality, I am very much sure that the experiments that I conducted were 98% accurate. I have Data !!! It will not take me much time to make a statement like ... Well, forget it. Nevertheless, the point being made here is totally ridiculous by IHM.

As one blogger rightly points out in the comments section of the same post
"...I just dont see the point in hiding something purposely from the person I trust and want to spend the rest of my life with."

I rest my case.

Monday, April 18, 2011 by Hari
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On Why I Am In Love ...

... With Quora.

I am going to tell a small story - in a nutshell - and let you decide.

The story I am going to tell, is about Nick Huber and is already present in great detail here at Quora. Though the point of his story is different, I am taking a different learning from the story.

For those of you who are really really lazy to read through the post, here is a quick recount. Nick visited Las Vegas and on his way back to the airport, he befriended a cabbie. The cab driver was a very nice man and soon struck a conversation with Nick. Nick too took a genuine interest in the man and the cab driver was soon recounting his life's story. He shared pictures on his flip phone with Nick and also told him that he was residing at a place which cost him only $300 and was still very safe - he obviously took pride in the fact that he was living honorably.

He had come to Las Vegas to become a Black Jack [ the most popular casino game in the world and the experts are called Black Jacks ]. His fate led him to be a cab driver and he was driving for almost 16 years now. The cab driver enjoyed Nick's company and though he never mentioned it, Nick could sense a loneliness within him.

The airport arrived, the fare paid and after Nick gets in, he realises that his iPhone had slipped in the taxi. He had already "lost" his iPhone once in Buenos Aires [his cabbie had stolen it] and Nick was very sceptical about getting this one back too. He called up the number and the cab driver picked it up. He told Nick that he'll be there in 15 minutes. When Nick calls up after 15 minutes, the cabbie says he is at the entrance. Nick collects his iPhone and pays the cabbie $20.

End of Story.

But this chain of events sets Nick thinking. And here is the best part of the whole thing, that brought a lump to my throat.

However, something was bothering me ever since I left him: why was a guy like that driving a cab for 16 years? In the world I want to live in, a guy like that gets a great break after a few years from some businessman that steps into his cab, realizes his potential and he is on his way to getting more out of life than just a paycheck.
Moreover, why was a guy like this so desperate for someone to tell his story to? Why didn't he have someone or some community to listen to his stories and appreciate him? I can't help but feel that his lack of community and lack of career success were related.
In particular, I think he's just one of many people who do what they're told without really thinking about it. Good people trust other people, because they don't realize how mean and selfish we all can be at times.
I think that somewhere along the line, someone told him he wasn't going to amount to much and he believed them. Or, somehow, after working for 16 years in the service industry and living off of tips (i.e. scraps), he started to believe he is a servant. After selling his time to others for too long, he came to believe he was for sale.
He tells himself something like: there couldn't be something wrong with Las Vegas, America, capitalism or the people around me - there must be something wrong with me.

And this was the point I broke down. I, We, see such people everyday.
That Sugarcane juice vendor, the barber, the Jilebiwala, The autodriver. For us, their existence is only a mere bubble. We hardly think about them in our busy lives. We remember them for just the instant we need to get things done. We do not mind paying 5000 bucks for a pair of shoes at a Nike shoe store and yet we haggle with the cobbler for 5 rupees. And after that poof !!! They don't exist for us anymore.

[At this point of time, I am not supporting them. There are some real miscreants among these people as well, whose only aim is to fleece people and make money.]

What is wrong with this world ?
Is it me ?
Is it them ?
Or is it just the way it is supposed to be ?

I am not answering any questions here. Just thinking aloud.

Thanks Quora. Thanks Nick Huber.
This is a thought that will haunt me for a long long time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 by Hari
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And what have we here...

Just when I was thinking Jobs on Google Chat was a really really cool penetration into the Job Search market so early (almost 3 years ago), they have come up with another Cracker !!!

They call it the Google Guru.

Ok.. So what does it do ?

It becomes the Guru... :)

Don't understand.. ?

The below screenshot should nail it. :)

OK.. And how to add it to your google chat ?

Send a chat invitation to guru(at) Watch the Guru turn green and shoot your questions.... :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011 by Hari
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The Great Indian Rip-Off

Our special correspondent from Mumbai writes ::

Thousands of fans were arrested in the wee hours of Sunday Morning, in what is being termed as the "Single Largest Arrest of Civilians" in Mumbai's Law and Order History.

Pandemonium broke out when around 1 AM on Sunday morning, the Indian Dressing Room started blaring "Tu Nangi Acchi Lagti Hai."

Fans broke all security measures, when one person among the crowd, shouted, "She's there... She's there !!! And she's stripping... !!! "

The fans, who were stunned for a couple of seconds, ran towards the Players dressing room, only to be stopped by the Policemen, who soon realised that they were outnumbered one too many. It took the fans just a couple of pushes and soon they were all running towards the "Grand Stand" to make sure they have the "First Row Seats" for "darshan".

The root cause of this controversy is traced back to a letter written by the model to the board asking them for permission. In her letter she hasdstated that,
"..I want India to win the Cricket World Cup 2011 and am willing to go the extra mile to do anything so that India wins the World Cup. I am ready and willing at any place and time of the Indian teams choosing to go in the nude to boost their sporting spirit to perform better."
"...many studies conducted by various universities abroad which confirms and infers that such performances/expectations boost and inspire people to perform better in any field, be it sports or otherwise. Even medical books on psychology and psychiatry confirms this."
The status of model's humble request to the board is unknown to us, as at this point of time, however we presume that she had gone ahead and decided to "do-the-due" [pun unintended]. Our sources inside the Dressing room indicate that Yuvi and Virat were the most excited of the lot, while Sree and Bhaji were busy biting their nails. Apparently the mayhem outside had disturbed the model's "concentration" and hence the "darshan" was postponed.

For the fans assembled outside, the disappointment was doubled. They were returning empty handed - no darshan. And to add to their woes, they were being arrested, for "breach-of-privacy".
"I call it outrageous and totally unfair. I am a citizen of India, and I believe in such matters, no one person has any privilege over the other. I demand to see it. NOW !!!" - we found one of the arrested fans screaming.
"The Indian Team has let us down very badly. The least they could have done was tweeted about it or atleast taken some pics. We never knew they'd turn out to be so selfish. This was the least they could do to us fans." quipped another.
The news of this stripping is not going down with some Woman-Empowerment-Organizations.

"This is total insanity and atrocious. We did not expect her to behave like this. The least she could do was to demand some payment for her act and then donate it for some charity. We have always been very protective of our women. We, or rather I do not see any reason , why Poonam would do this for publicity or for acting favors. She's a mature woman, who is probably going through her PMS. Nevertheless Woman slavery is something has to be abolished." - Chairperson of "Support-For-Emotionally-Deranged-Woman" - Mrs. ____ said.

But the cricket fraternity seems to have different opinions.
"The boys need some entertainment yaar.. Come on... Give it to them. They have struggled so hard to get the cup." When our correspondent asked which cup, DubaakoorSeth, former Indian captain, supposedly blushed and responded, "Why I meant the world cup, of course."
But amongst the most disappointed of all, was the "Aam-Aadmi" the mango man, who could not even see err.. buy mangoes.

by Hari
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India won the World Cup ... Yeah... Ok... So ... ?

In what way does India winning the World Cup affect me ?

I realised that it does not in anyway make even an iota of difference.

The auto-wallah is not going to offer me a free ride to office on Tuesday.
The caterers are not going to offer me free meals.
Bus Rides are not going to be free.
Nor is my company going to pay me an extra day's salary.

And yet the whole nation goes beserk when they hear India has won the world cup. I can only laugh at them. Seriously... :)

Dhoni's world cup is not going to solve the problems of the nation.
Nor will it solve the problem of other nations.

For those who wish to tell me,
"Just shut the fuck up..." or
"WTF is your problem ?" or
"Why are you getting so pissed off ?"

You may very well shove your words up your arse. I really don't give them a damn.

Let me be very honest here. I haven't watched a single match in this world cup. Not one. Not even "THE MATCH" of the decade. Mahabharata of All Matches - Ramayana to get back Sita epithets are totally lame for a country that is full of losers and full of work-shirkers. 7 hours !!! Almost one working day.

End benefits of this match ?

People bursting crackers - at an untimely hour - especially when the crackers are purposely exorbitantly priced - reason quoted being - "off-season" crackers.

My twitter and FB Feed getting Raped. Yes, you read that right. Its getting raped mercilessly right now, even as I am typing out this post.

Literally Endless revenue for BCCI and ICC. Plenty of money now.

Cricketers will now get "Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna" apart from "NarsimhaRao Khel Puraskar" - "Khel-Sadbhavana Puraskar" etc.

Some of them will get divorced/break-up with their current girlfriends and hook up with new ones.

All of them will get awesome flats - worth crores - in prime locations. With plenty of cash rewards.

What do you get ?

The satisfaction that Sachin finally got "his" World Cup ?
Pride as Dhoni finally played a captain's knock ?
Happiness as Yuvraj proved his critics wrong ?
Vindicated as Ashwin's wizardry has been brought to fore ?

Don't come up with Patriotism and bullshit. Try some other tack. This one's damn bloody and stale and has begun to stink.

Yeah and what else does this do ?

Spark off endless debates on Forums/FB/Twitter on

When Sachin should announce his retirement.
On how Sachin has never performed when it really counted.
On how Dhoni has spanked all his critics.
On how Dhoni's innovative captaincy methods have revived Indian Cricket.

And of course, Don't be surprised if some jackass from Harvard Business Review comes down to publish a paper on the Winning Model of the Indian Cricket Team - For World Cup 2011.

Ithellam oru pozhappa ? Thooo... !!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011 by Hari
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I wonder what she was thinking...

I visited a friend today, and from the balcony of his flat on the second floor, I can see a lot of other high-rise buildings. One of the buildings was hardly 20 metres away from the balcony where I stood.

And as I stood there, enjoying the cool breeze in the shade, I noticed a woman standing on the fourth floor of the building opposite mine.

Before you start conjecturing ...
She was not pretty/sexy/hot or anything to that effect. A typical working woman (assumption) married to Yet-Another-Software-Professional (assumption). She was wearing a jeans and a t-shirt and standing on the balcony.

Well, what's wrong with that ?
Nothing, except that she was crying. And not bawling her heart out. The silent crying that women do. Sniff your nose. Wipe the tears off the eyes, making sure the Kajal does not smudge. Look far into the sky and then repeat the process once again.

All the while, she kept looking at the entrance of the Balcony, perhaps worried that her husband might walk in and notice her crying.

I suddenly started thinking about "Why was this woman crying ?"

"Did her husband make her slog, by asking her to cook a lot of things ?"
"Did he hit/physically abuse her ?"
"Did he speak ill of her parents ? or refused to let her go to her parents house ?"
"Did he invite his parents over, without asking her ?"
"Did he speak harsh words about her and her character ?"
"Did he say "no" to that other child that she had been longing for ?"
"Did she miss her parents ?"
"Did her siblings/friends called her and spoke rudely to her ?"

I seriously do not know what troubled her, but my heart went out for that woman, standing out alone on the balcony and crying...

by Hari
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