I wonder what she was thinking...

I visited a friend today, and from the balcony of his flat on the second floor, I can see a lot of other high-rise buildings. One of the buildings was hardly 20 metres away from the balcony where I stood.

And as I stood there, enjoying the cool breeze in the shade, I noticed a woman standing on the fourth floor of the building opposite mine.

Before you start conjecturing ...
She was not pretty/sexy/hot or anything to that effect. A typical working woman (assumption) married to Yet-Another-Software-Professional (assumption). She was wearing a jeans and a t-shirt and standing on the balcony.

Well, what's wrong with that ?
Nothing, except that she was crying. And not bawling her heart out. The silent crying that women do. Sniff your nose. Wipe the tears off the eyes, making sure the Kajal does not smudge. Look far into the sky and then repeat the process once again.

All the while, she kept looking at the entrance of the Balcony, perhaps worried that her husband might walk in and notice her crying.

I suddenly started thinking about "Why was this woman crying ?"

"Did her husband make her slog, by asking her to cook a lot of things ?"
"Did he hit/physically abuse her ?"
"Did he speak ill of her parents ? or refused to let her go to her parents house ?"
"Did he invite his parents over, without asking her ?"
"Did he speak harsh words about her and her character ?"
"Did he say "no" to that other child that she had been longing for ?"
"Did she miss her parents ?"
"Did her siblings/friends called her and spoke rudely to her ?"

I seriously do not know what troubled her, but my heart went out for that woman, standing out alone on the balcony and crying...

Saturday, April 2, 2011 by Hari
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  1. She didn't have an Inner Voice for an outlet. I like the post.

  2. Inner Voice... Hmmmm.... True... Glad you liked it :)

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