India won the World Cup ... Yeah... Ok... So ... ?

In what way does India winning the World Cup affect me ?

I realised that it does not in anyway make even an iota of difference.

The auto-wallah is not going to offer me a free ride to office on Tuesday.
The caterers are not going to offer me free meals.
Bus Rides are not going to be free.
Nor is my company going to pay me an extra day's salary.

And yet the whole nation goes beserk when they hear India has won the world cup. I can only laugh at them. Seriously... :)

Dhoni's world cup is not going to solve the problems of the nation.
Nor will it solve the problem of other nations.

For those who wish to tell me,
"Just shut the fuck up..." or
"WTF is your problem ?" or
"Why are you getting so pissed off ?"

You may very well shove your words up your arse. I really don't give them a damn.

Let me be very honest here. I haven't watched a single match in this world cup. Not one. Not even "THE MATCH" of the decade. Mahabharata of All Matches - Ramayana to get back Sita epithets are totally lame for a country that is full of losers and full of work-shirkers. 7 hours !!! Almost one working day.

End benefits of this match ?

People bursting crackers - at an untimely hour - especially when the crackers are purposely exorbitantly priced - reason quoted being - "off-season" crackers.

My twitter and FB Feed getting Raped. Yes, you read that right. Its getting raped mercilessly right now, even as I am typing out this post.

Literally Endless revenue for BCCI and ICC. Plenty of money now.

Cricketers will now get "Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna" apart from "NarsimhaRao Khel Puraskar" - "Khel-Sadbhavana Puraskar" etc.

Some of them will get divorced/break-up with their current girlfriends and hook up with new ones.

All of them will get awesome flats - worth crores - in prime locations. With plenty of cash rewards.

What do you get ?

The satisfaction that Sachin finally got "his" World Cup ?
Pride as Dhoni finally played a captain's knock ?
Happiness as Yuvraj proved his critics wrong ?
Vindicated as Ashwin's wizardry has been brought to fore ?

Don't come up with Patriotism and bullshit. Try some other tack. This one's damn bloody and stale and has begun to stink.

Yeah and what else does this do ?

Spark off endless debates on Forums/FB/Twitter on

When Sachin should announce his retirement.
On how Sachin has never performed when it really counted.
On how Dhoni has spanked all his critics.
On how Dhoni's innovative captaincy methods have revived Indian Cricket.

And of course, Don't be surprised if some jackass from Harvard Business Review comes down to publish a paper on the Winning Model of the Indian Cricket Team - For World Cup 2011.

Ithellam oru pozhappa ? Thooo... !!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011 by Hari
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  1. haha... U r just jealous u are not the centre of attention dear :)

  2. @Anon - Yeah Right ... !!

  3. Oh come on,ain't a big fan of cricket either but I watched it...its not about is something we all relate to...these guys deserve all the attention if not anything else:)Its we who hype them for we are tired of having nothing...We know we are a country with a hundred problems...Lets not mix up those issues with cricket...we now have a reason in common to celebrate...there is so much of positivity around...catch that and go watch the highlights at least I tell you;)

  4. I am soo going through the same feeling Hari by not caring about India's worldcup win!

  5. Have the sense of appreciating people's hard work.. Dont be jealous.. U cant grab every body's attention all the time.. U are a person who cant appreciate any body any time.. But very happy that, there are a lots n lots of souls who are not like u.. Shut up and go if you cant appreciate the victory.. no body asked for ur views..

  6. @Raksha :: I understand.. But let's put it this way... When we have a hundred problems , should we necessarily concentrate on something this trivial ? There is positivity, but what is the end benefit ? :) That hungry girl on the road is still going to go hungry. :(

    And that highlights part... Yes, that's what I've been doing all the while... 17 minutes is much better than 7 hours.. :)

  7. @Defiant Princess :: I empathise... What do we do ? :) .. I think we can really do nothing about it. :)

  8. @Anon :: Appreciating Hard Work ... Hmmm... Very interesting.. Who worked hard here ? Poonam Pandey definitely would have been made to work hard last night. Anybody else that you'd know ?

    Dhoni ? One innings in 8 crucial world cup matches and suddenly he is superman ? Even chaddi-pehen-ke-phool-khila-hai would have done better....

    True, I cannot appreciate anybody anytime .. .So ? You want me to lick someone's arse, just because they acheived something that they did not deserve a wee bit... ?

    I am not shutting up here. Well, if you did not ask me for my views, why are you even reading it ? Why do you come to my blog then ? hunh ? :P .. To ogle ?

  9. Respect your views!!

    They will have an article soon - the Economics of winning the World Cup - detailing how winning the Cup will benefit India.

    Maybe those hard facts would make you rethink. Until then, you can definitely stick yo your viewpoint.

  10. First of all, I dont want to waste my time in writing this review.
    But i want to take this oppurtunity atleast to warn the followers of this blog.

    While reading this post, I can understand that the author has the only motto of
    acheiving concentration of the ppl..... He wants to be a centre of attraction.....
    His first comment on India winning world cup is "to get free things....."
    Boss,,,, none can do somethings so that you ll get a free ride or free meal or free salary....
    everything you are expecting for free... are you really a professional...
    are you a person who shares your meal with friends... really u dont know the enjoyment in sharing profit... u will share only the hard feelings to each n everyone...

    The basic indian mentality of getting everything for free.. in tat itself you are not away from india...
    from where you got the guts to write such a blog saying ppl are wasting their time in enjoying cricket and crackers for victory....

    pls know some basic things....

    ==> ppl bursting crackers when the prices are exorbitant....
    do you know how many ppl will get their meal because of this??? this goes with economy.. .taking money from one place to other....
    i dont know for wat cause ppl like you are earning.... i get reminded of the dialog from mudhalvan.... "earning money till you retired... get a yellow painted house after the retirement and get settled".... me, myself and my family... this is the philosophy ppl like you will be having...
    dont always think ppl waste money while spending... if everyone earns and keep the money with themselves,,, how the economy of the country will grow....

    and wat bothers you when the players get a flat or awards... they are not getting such things just because they sit at home having some packet of lays and criticising such great moments and think themselves as the intelligent..... dont all ppl like you feel so cheap when criticising such hardwork.... this didnt happen in a overnight.... its all 24 yrs of hardwork from sachin and from other guys too.... have u ever been part of any team... do u know wat entertaining ppl is... i read some cheapest jokes over this blog... more of sexual oriented things.... nothing optimistic....

    i too read some reviews done by you on movies... so wats your opinion on movies... tat n all not wasting of time... huh????
    I can see only aim of this blog in gaining ppl attention in the way of sympathy and ppl to speak tat u r great intelligent... the one who cant even write down some positive comments on india winning a world cup, he cant see any positive things if he lives in heaven also...

  11. continue on:
    there is question... wat do u get when they won world cup.... i can list out points which will go all day long....
    --> see how many ppl forgot their sorrows for tat 7hrs... and after the historical win how they enjoyed even they have lots n lots of problems....
    --> i would say atleast in that moments ppl reach out of their boundaries..... there was no caste feelings... rich poor attitudes... no enemity..
    --> from a popcorn selling guy to ambani... all got benefited on their own way...
    --> even you got benefited by scribbling a junk post and got some more visitor counts to ur blog... even ppl would have got frustrated on seeing that....

    you cant go with wat u earn in each n everything.. wat do you get in writing such a blog... just ask the same questions wat u asked...

    i really really pity on the followers of your blog... i am damn sure that the followers of this blog would have turned more pessimistic if they really follow your posts...
    this single post is enough to know ur attitude...
    when u cant find some good points in india winning the world cup which was a dream for almost all indians... how ll u be a part of some company and do work to the profit of that..
    ppl like u always find faults with your subordinates work... ppl like u wont get satisfied with watever the company gives u...
    i dont know how ur friends feel abt u... u can be a critic... but there also should be a positive attitude... u should point out only the missed out things.. or lack of some stuffs that could have been added...

    from ur "about me" itself i can see that u want to reach ppl in the way of sympathy... not by ur work...

    i saw a line where you talk abt some hungry girl... were u a person who donate some idli to that hungry girl... or atleast a ruppee.. i really dont think so... ppl like u always can only talk, not do things...

    if you really want to do something for this society.. pls stop blogging or atleast on such wonderful event... pls have all the pessimism within u and dont spread across the ppl..

    as far as you are pessimistic, you cant take this blog to great heights......

  12. @Anon...

    I have got what I wanted.

    Thanks. I know your identity as well now. :)

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