The Strange Case of Two Libran Women !!!

Fact #1 :: The people in this post are all true and exist. And yes, I regularly have hour-long (sometimes much longer) conversations with them.
Fact #2 :: Ok... And Before you start to conjecture. This is NOT a love story. I am not in Love with any of the women mentioned in the below paragraphs. OK. Atleast that's what I want you to think.
Fact #3 :: The Title initially thought out was "The Other Libran Girl" inspired by "The Other Boleyn Girl". Then I thought, since I would be mentioning about two women here, I'd better do justice to both, hence the change in title.
Fact #4 :: "The Libran Girl" & "The Other Libran Girl" are two different people. As different as a PC and a Mac.
Fact #5 :: I am not comparing these two women. Never !!! I will never let such a travesty to happen. Read the Epilogue to gather more information.

#Start of Prelude
Before I start this story, there is another incident which acts as the precursor to all of this. Around February 2010, I had this burning desire to get myself a Tarot Card Reading. To cut a long story short, I got one of my colleagues to do a reading for me, and she gave me quite a few predictions. One of them was
"In another three months you will meet a girl. And this girl will change your life forever."
At that point of time, being the eager and curious chap that I was, I interpreted that quote as "meeting the girl of my dreams" and I was literally jumping with joy.

Before you come to any conclusion, there is an Epilogue regarding this prediction at the end.
Fact #6 :: I forgot the prediction in a week.

#End of Prelude

The Libran Girl

I first met "The Libran Girl" at an extended work-place. It ALL started (as clichéd as it might sound) pretty ordinarily. There were no eyes flashing, slo-mo glances and stuff. In fact it was pretty stuffy in the dingy place. We never did any real talking till the time we all decided to go to a tourist place. And that was when we both started talking.

The conversations picked up steam very very slowly. Soon it was time for "The Libran Girl" to depart. She wouldn't believe it if I said this to her face, but the day she left, or rather the moment she walked out of the door with all her baggage, I wished so hard, that she would walk back and declare that she was just kidding. Sigh !! :)

But we did manage to keep in touch via phone. It was on the Phone, that the actual "getting-to-know" stuff happened. And hell, we did learn a lot about each other. The Libran Girl kept insisting that I come visit her. She really really is very persistent. So visit her I did. During the short visit, we exchanged a lot of notes - common stuff, problems, awesome lunch/dinners during weekends - and plenty of esoteric knowledge as well.

Honestly I learnt a lot more from her, than she actually learnt from me. More on those learnings a little while later.

On the day last I met her, I was all senti, and she said in one line "No sentiments yaar. We are not living in 1970's that we can't visit each other. We are nothing less than a night's travel apart. So chill."

Post that, there has been heavy gtalk and IM stuff going on. We've had conversations that ran into multiple days.. :P :D

The Other Libran Girl

I did not meet "The Other Libran Girl". It was Chance/God that made the meeting happen. And guess what, God gave me the Phone number along with her photo. :) :D

I am not going to clarify further. :P. Nevertheless, what initially started as something very very formal has quickly blossomed into a very healthy friendship of which I am really proud of. The best part of the whole episode - We haven't yet met each other !!!

We have been talking over the phone. "The Other Libran Girl" was never in the prediction that my colleague made for me, but it has happened somehow.
I tell both these women, quite often, that I adore them. Totally. Each shows to me a different aspect every day, that I am sometimes too stunned for words. They never fail to amaze me. Day after Day. Both these women have changed my life in ways I never thought. One brought back my interest in something that I had almost abandoned - for lack of someone to share my knowledge with. The other has made me get in touch with my inner-self, asking me some deeply profounding questions for which I have no answers.

Here is a quick comparison between the two. No Offence meant ladies. Just seeing how two people, born under the same sun-sign can be soooooo very different. :)

First the Similarities.
# Both are extremely attractive women, capable of flooring any guy on the block.
# Intelligent, charming and sensitive.
# "The Libran Girl" and "The Other Libran Girl" have a way with words.
# The way both of them apologize makes sure that you cannot FOREVER be angry at them
# Both of them show a genuine interest in people - which is so very Libran.
# They are usually busy all the weekends.
# Both of them wear specs. :)
# Both have admitted to me, that I am one of the most intelligent man they have met in their lives.

Now coming to the differences. Now this is going to be a big list. :)

The Libran Girl

The Other Libran Girl

Pretty headstrong and is capable of taking independent decisions and stick to them.

Needs a lot of coaxing to even get into the decision making mode.

Takes time to take decisions but those are usually correct/sensible/morally right.

Keeps contemplating options even after making a decision.

Is pretty much non-Geek. Doesn't delve too much into techie stuff.

Totally GEEK. Can take down any Geeky guy with her coding knowledge and skills.

Knows a couple of languages.

Knows a whole bunch of languages and is a instructor in some of them.

Knows her epics like the back of her hand. Pretty much up-to-date with controversies.

Totally clueless. Cannot differentiate Sita from Mandodari.

Reads extensively and keeps herself updated with the outside world

"Reading ?? What is that?". Reads only non-fiction. (Thank God). Selectively.

Very Very persistent. Sticks to one thing and makes sure she gets it.

Totally without "stick-to-it"ness. Will drop and move on to other things, at the drop of a hat.

Not that social. Has a good number of friends. Does not bother if one of them disowns. :P

Very Social. Huge Social Circle. 'n' number of friends with whom she HAS to kind of socialize otherwise they will disown her.

Does not pay much attention to make-up and cosmetics, but can look very pretty when she makes an effort to. And can dress-to-kill for the occasion.

Dresses for every single event as if it were some wedding reception. Has to look stunning and will go to any effort to look totally awesome. :)

Awesome Attention span. Very Good listener.

Suffers from AADS (Advanced Attention Deficiency Syndrome). Cannot concentrate on one thing for more than 10 minutes max. After which subject loses interest and changes tack. Bad listener. Excellent Yapper.

Can remember things from conversations that happened really really long time ago and those that I labeled as trivial.

Pathetic short term memory. Cannot remember stories that were told the day before.

Tone and Choice of words – pretty much aggressive. J

Will not hesitate to abuse.

Pretty much toned down choice of words. But,

Will not hesitate to abuse.

Signature Word :: "Hare Krsna !!!"

Signature Word :: "Yeah, Right !!!"

Phew..!!! Quite a list, ain't it ?

I am thankful to god, for bringing these women into my life and literally changing the course of my life. A lot has changed in my life after the arrival of these two women. Not one milestone in my life. Two to be precise !!!

I connect with "The Libran Girl" in a more intellectual manner, its more mature. "The Other Libran Girl" connects with me in a more personal, emotional manner - child like.

Thanks "The Libran Girl" and "The Other Libran Girl" for graciously accepting me for what I am, and for putting up with a character like me, who can put sulphuric acid to shame with his words and send Cho Ramaswamy tottering back home with his sarcasm.

I wanted to record this on my blog, because I felt that was the best way I could cherish these memories. I hope and pray that we stay as we are now, forever. (Further developments are encouraged. :P ...)

Fact #7 :: The whole prediction thing came crashing down on me, in late February, this year, when I realized what my colleague had predicted. It had never occurred to me, even for a single instant in the past 9 months, to look forward into the prediction. :). In hind-sight, the past 12 months have been the best 12 months in a long long time. Strange are the ways of providence. :) :D

P.S:- And if you are wondering what I was referring to in many places, Read my post on what I did in August in 2010 Here. :P :D

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