Those Turshi Days !!! - 3

This happened somewhere in 2001.

We had a very interesting teacher for Physics. No names here. He was a very very nice person and had great love and affection for his students.

His teaching style was different. Atleast that's what he thought. Honestly, he was no different from any other teacher.

During the start of the academic year, to us, he was a new teacher. He was trying to know our names and trying to impress us.

The first lesson in Physics was Measurement and S.I Units.

Now all of these SI Units had a definition. These definitions were really important from the exam perspective. So when he was teaching the lesson, he made sure, he told us what questions were important and how important they were.

During the course of the lesson, he used to regularly point out people and make them answer his questions.

It was one of those days...

He was in a bad mood, and was looking at some sort of an outlet.

The moment he entered the class, he said, "Hey you, last bench, Yes, You. Sitting next to V, get up."
"What is Mass...?"
"What sir sir ? I am asking you... Define Mass."
"Sir... Errrr..."
"Sir... Errrr..."
"All of you, get out of the class. Kneel down and learn the definition."

Finally V also had to leave the class. His ego and anger now massaged, my Physics sir was more relaxed now.

20 minutes passed. Now my Physics sir felt that the guys outside, missed a lot of the theory and wanted to bring them inside. So he said,
"S ??"
"What is mass ?"
S gave the text book definition of mass and its SI unit. Sir let him inside the class.
"What is mass ?"

Repeat of S.

Now it was V's turn. He was not an ordinary guy. Filled with lots of cynicism and sarcasm, especially towards the education system. A little bit of an attention seeker as well. Very intelligent though. One hell of an entertainer as well.

So the question came to him. The bell was about to ring. We all knew that. So V decided it was time for some real entertainment.

"So.. ? V...? Tell me... What is mass."
"What is mass... ?"
"You can't hear of what ... I asked you what is mass... ?"
"Sir .. Mass is..."
"Yes, V tell me.. Mass is..."
"Sir... Mass is..."
"You are right V... Continue, Mass is.. ?"
"Sir.. Mass is Kilogram"

I am leaving out the other details of what happened. And how embarrassed our Physics sir was with the answer.

But this continues to be the most standard refrain of anybody who studied with me during 2001. We ROTFLOL using this statement.

Thursday, May 19, 2011 by Hari
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  1. lolzzzzzzz
    college scholll was so good and chilled out :)

  2. @Rajesh... LOLzzz... Yeah...Thanks... :)

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