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On Why The Legend of Bin Laden Will Remain Immortal ...

The recent Osama Bin Laden (henceforth #OBL) incident has sparked a big furore over the authenticity of #OBL's death. This blog post is not about his tyranny or his methods or on the conspiracy involving his death. It is more about what he stood for and what he gained or lost by standing up for what he wanted in life.

O.K. Let me make something very clear. I am not idologising #OBL here. I am just presenting the facts in a different way.

Who is an enemy ?

This is a very basic question which needs to be answered before we can go further. What factors contribute to the fact that we consider someone as our enemy. The first and foremost factor according to me is "The-Game-Changer".

Yes, The Game Changer is the difference between the good guy and the bad guy. It differentiates the Hunter from the Hunted. #OBL changed the rules of the game. The original game was simple enough. He will be supplied with weapons and he will do the needful in Soviet Russia. Mission Accomplished. But then the inevitable happened. The man had to be taken down - a la Jason Bourne. But he was quick. He had learnt the game. He knew how his benefactors worked. He Changed The Name of the Game. He swiftly and boldly challenged his benefactors. Asked them to meet him head on. They were of course surprised at this behavior. They had fed him. They expected him to behave like a puppy. This reversal of roles put his benefactors in a spot. They were angry and confused and power-hungry. Here was a man, whom they fed scraps, and he rises up to defy them. Let's show him Who is the Daddy.

And this is exactly what started the conflict.

Bin Laden's story is almost very similar to that of "Carlos" from the Bourne Identity. The man was a legend. Come to accept it, as his reputation spread, it became difficult to sift the reality from the legend. Local Rebel groups called upon him for funds and manpower, an in-direct way of declaring their allegiance to him. Governments purposely id'ed these rebels to be mercenaries so that they could indirectly blame Bin Laden for sponsoring terrorism and attributing it to foreign intervention. They tried to bring in a pressure-cooker situation where there was a need to remove these local rebels as a means to curb terrorism. It worked. And Osama Bin Laden became a wanted terrorist. And as Brian Whitaker puts it, clearly and succinctly -
If he did not exist he would have to be invented.

Andrew Brown is not far from the truth, when he says -
"If the cause for which American entered Afghanistan was simply revenge, then they are now free to leave. But his real death will come only when he is quite forgotten, and I don't see that happening for a very long time. It certainly didn't happen today."

Naom Chomsky in his essay in Guernica Magazine last week, said -
"...that no one can perceive that they are glorifying bin Laden by identifying him with courageous resistance against genocidal invaders.."

Throughout history, we have witnessed first hand, the power of an Idea. An Idea can change the world. Men have lived for it. Fought for it. Died for it. All for the sake of an idea. And that is exactly what Bin Laden stood for. Idea.

Thursday, June 30, 2011 by Hari
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And I'm back !!!!

...after a brief hiatus...

Spent this time brooding over a lot of things, and finally decided to break the block :P

Was eagerly waiting for's beta site launch, which happened a couple of days back. They had some really really awesome teasers and promos. And I was following their idea for quite some time closely. The first instant I thought, they stole my idea. :P

The photo contests were quite interesting and eye-catching as well.

The site's really nice. Awesome jQuery for internal navigation. :) I'm jealous.
A tad slow on the page-navigation side but they've promised that they'll be pushing things :)

Nice collection of items. Some are totally kiddish, bringing back fond memories. :)
Great place to start your collection if you are artistically inclined. Haven't checked out their payment methods as yet :P Will test and update.

Song that has got me hooked this time of the year

Maybe I can say the same to's team as well... :) :D

Rules Kidayathu Shopo Team... All the Best !!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 by Hari
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प्यार का पंचनामा - Doctor's Report

Before I start, पंचनामा - Punchnaama means, "The report submitted to (by) the (Sar)Panch" in the village. Basically the "Post-Mortem" report of the man who has died. Following which it is official that the person is dead.

प्यार का पंचनामा - Literally means - The PostMortem of Love...
And the movie.. is absolutely Fantastic.

People may call it crass, violent intent, bad language - whatever, I enjoyed the movie like no other. I was already excited about writing a review on my blog, the moment, the interval flashed on the screen.

The storyline borders on the edges of reality. The screenplay is extremely sanely handled, something that I haven't been able to see in any of the recent Hindi releases. The language is original. This is what guys talk. Period.

I especially loved three scenes in the movie, the first scene where Liquid vents his frustration on his project manager. Second scene is "of-course" Dimaag ki Dahi scene and the Third is my favorite - the last scene where Rajat decides to call it quits to the relationship and walks out with his baggage, leaving his girl friend crying.

I just loved that scene. For all the manipulation that the woman did, I thought she perfectly deserved it. :) ... The more women do this, the more heartbroken in the end they are. Folks who argue that the movie was miso-gynist, tell me which one of the characters was stereo-typed or bad.

Rajat is a nice guy, looking out for a nice girl. Any mistake ?
Vikrant is a dude, who is also a nice guy.
And of course, Liquid is simply frustrated nice guy.

I term all the three guys as nice because they do not go after another girl when they are actually seeing someone. Atleast in the movie.

Note !!! Three nice guys ?? What about the women ?

They are three nice women as well. They are infact good women.
Neha wants commitment or rather "Joru ki Ghulaami"
Riya wants her space, and does not like interference.
Charu just wants a buddy for everything except a physical relationship. For that she has her boyfriend.

I don't blame the three women as well. There is absolutely nothing wrong in the women as well. We meet such women in our everyday lives. So who is to be blamed here ? The men or the women ? This article of mine got a lot of negative comments, but I still stand by my statements. Nice women are extinct. And watch out women, the nice guys are becoming extinct as well. :)


Luv Ka The End - As crappy as a movie can ever be. It's basically a Bollywood rehashed version of "John Tucker Must Die". Not worth a watch at all. Wasted 2 hours. :( :(

Chalo Dilli - was entertaining. It was boring in patches, but overall worth a watch. I loved the part, where without giving the names of the protagonists till almost the end of the movie, the director made us feel one with the characters. "Bhaai Sahab" and "Behenji" are gonna be there for some time now.

P.S :- facing a blogger's block. Will start posting more regularly. For sure.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 by Hari
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