And I'm back !!!!

...after a brief hiatus...

Spent this time brooding over a lot of things, and finally decided to break the block :P

Was eagerly waiting for's beta site launch, which happened a couple of days back. They had some really really awesome teasers and promos. And I was following their idea for quite some time closely. The first instant I thought, they stole my idea. :P

The photo contests were quite interesting and eye-catching as well.

The site's really nice. Awesome jQuery for internal navigation. :) I'm jealous.
A tad slow on the page-navigation side but they've promised that they'll be pushing things :)

Nice collection of items. Some are totally kiddish, bringing back fond memories. :)
Great place to start your collection if you are artistically inclined. Haven't checked out their payment methods as yet :P Will test and update.

Song that has got me hooked this time of the year

Maybe I can say the same to's team as well... :) :D

Rules Kidayathu Shopo Team... All the Best !!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 by Hari
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