Godavari - Fantastic !!!

Am not going to make this a long review.

Godavari is effing fantastic. I loved it !!! zimbly ... !!!
The story is simple. SriRam is a US return graduate in Vizag, who wants to join politics and serve the people of his country. He loves his cousin, who happens to be his uncle's daughter, Raji. Raji is a fickle minded woman, I would say selfish, who wants her guy to have a job, bank balance and according to her lots of understanding. Raji's marriage is fixed with a rich guy, who happens to be in the Indian Police Service.

The marriage is scheduled to be held at Bhadrachalam and the family starts to the place on a boat.

The other part of the story begins in Hyderabad. Sita Mahalakshmi hates a regular job and runs her own fashion boutique but is always cash strapped and is looking for better avenues. Her parents want to get her married. She says OK to the boy who came to see her, but the boy rejects her, for unknown reasons. Depressed and disappointed with life, she wants to go to Bhadrachalam, the proposed place of her marriage, if that "rishta" had come through. Sita boards the same boat as SriRam and the story takes a new turn there.

I think Shekhar Kammula has clearly proved that you do not need thundering dialogues, super-stunts and rain dances in Telugu movies. The hero's part is subtle. Without histrionics. The heroine is extrovert, but does not border on the crass. Very decent. Excellent usage of sari throughout the movie.

I just loved it. Kamalini Mukherji nails it as Sita. I loved the dialogues. Natural and Pithy.

Way to go Shekhar Kammula, you just earned yourself, another fan !!! :) :D

Monday, July 11, 2011 by Hari
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