I am now obsessed with Limitless !!!

I watched this movie two weeks back and ever since it has been making circles in my head.

Bradley Cooper simply nails it in this movie.

The story line is simple. Eddie Morra is a wannabe writer, struggling to make his ends meet. In a chance encounter, he meets his ex-girlfriend's brother on the streets and finds that he has made it big. Pitying Morra, Vernon takes him to a restaurant, and gives him a pill. He tells Eddie Morra that we usually utilize only 20% of our brain's capability. He asks what would happen, if we could tap the remaining 80%, and that this pill was designed to do precisely that.

Eddie Morra takes him for granted, but nevertheless takes the pill. Taking the pill makes him realize that the pill indeed has a magical effect on him and that he could be "dry" for hours, without even a cigarette and yet perfectly finish all the tasks at hand. He felt "clear". He approaches Vernon for some more of this wonderful pill only to find Vernon already dead in his apartment. Eddie makes away with the wonder-drug called NZT and what happens after that is the remaining story. I loved that last, injection part. Pretty Scary but surreal !! :)

Effing Fantastic Screenplay. I just loved the way the story meanders in and out.

You can simply say that I am just looking out for a wonder-drug like NZT :)

P.S :- If you are aware of any Nootropic whose effect you have personally seen, please contact me. :) :D I'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 by Hari
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  1. So u are not going to change your mind.... "If you are aware of any Nootropic whose effect you have personally seen, please contact me. :) :D I'd love to hear from you".. Still expecting someone to come with the positives.. ;)

  2. @Janani .. :) He He .. :) :D

  3. You function absolutely fine without things like NZT dude !

  4. @Shruti ... That was very kind of you.. But I wanna be absolutely absolutely fine. :)

  5. Piracetam = NZT

    I watched Limitless and was almost moved to tears. Piracetam was and is my NZT and the effects shown in the movie were identical to the ones I lived. Visual clarity, saturation, contrast. A memory that worked again! Sleep that accomplished something and dreams that both horrified and enlightened. Awake every day after 8.5 hours refreshed, instead of tired. I could go on and have done so in other posts on this (longecity) forum and the brainmeta forum.

    All of that with zero side effects, and working well to this day after 2.5 years. If you haven't tried piracetam or another racetam then try them now. Piracetam is legal, safe and cheap and can be bought in the USA without prescription.

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