I'm a bloody Sadist and I'm loving it !!!!

I checked out someone's FB profile last week and was thrilled to find out that she was married.

Yes, it was a female, but wondering why was I thrilled to bits ? :)

Basically this was the female, who was instrumental in breaking a very good friendship that I had with a guy in my school-days. He had a crush on her, and at the outset, (it appeared as if) she had a crush on him. And as was anticipated, the much anticipated clash came, where he had to choose or rather prioritize between me or her. He chose her.

The initial reaction was disappointment. Then it became RAGE.

If you offend me, make sure you apologise then and there. Don't wait for some other time. My anger grows with time, exponentially. And by the time you confront me with the issue, don't be scared if you find my behavior creepy or irritating or sadistic. I am made that way.

By the time, he came to apologise for the flare-up, two days later, I had reached the peak. I told him "Tatham Gatham" and did not talk to him for the rest of the term. The three of us, among others, joined the same college, and our relationship was as icy as ever even there.

In college, I "came to know" that things were not rosy between this girl and my friend and that this girl had literally "dumped" him. Adapting a "Devdas" like stance, this guy almost became a psycho - for instance, if he found any of "his" friends talking to her, he'd go up to them and say that she was like "his" wife and that from when did they start eyeing their own-sister-in-law ? Yikes !!!!

Anyway, that being said, this woman probably took the best decision of her life and got married recently, TO SOMEONE ELSE, and I'm glad for her !

Call me a sadist ? LOL ... I probably wrote the most satisfying post of the year !!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 by Hari
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  1. @Princess... Duh !!!
    You know the guy in the context.. Come on...
    And you know the girl as well...

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