Now, this IS Interesting ...

I am not the kind to be blown away by first impressions or by hearsay.

I casually came across this site called NirvanaFilms. (Not the Tamizh Nirvana :))

Please stay on the site as the page loads and notice the way the "kolam" or the motif unfolds. And of course do not forget to move the mouse over the links, hear the wonderful "chink" and look at the animation. I never knew one could innovate a mouse-over !!! Great Job !!! :) :D

Click inside and be surprised at the number of ads these people have done. :)

Good job !!!

I've always believed that getting people on to your site is difficult to begin with, and to retain them is tougher. But the toughest is to surprise them with something that they did not expect. I just loved it !!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011 by Hari
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