An Open Letter to Mr. P. Chidambaram (B.Sc, L.L.B, M.B.A)

Dear Dr.P.Chidambaram (B.Sc, L.L.B - University of Madras, M.B.A - Harvard),

I think its time to take up the end of your "veshti" and fold it up and get down into the mayhem that you've been put incharge of.

Seriously man, do you know the lady who taught you English in School and the Professor who taught you Philosophy and Logic ? Well, I actually do not know how to break this to you, but they just committed suicide. Apparently, they had seen your comment, that read

Lack of intelligence doesn't mean a failure in intelligence

What a fantastically responsible statement from the Home Minister of the Indian Government. I am absolutely sure, that Mr. PC (B.Sc, L.L.B, M.B.A), would have given the same reaction, if the blast had happened at 10 Janpath.

O.K. Mr. PC (B.Sc, L.L.B, M.B.A), You being a lawyer, I'll give it to you. One does not argue with the Minister who is incharge of Home Affairs, especially when he is a lawyer, and an incompetent one at that.

But does not your statement reek of incompetency and failure to even be aware of what is happening in your own portfolio ? Not in your profile ? or are they not giving you enough salary ? Don't tell me the RAW had no inkling that this was coming. I would love to hear the RAW chief's take on this.

Here is a Cabinet Minister, shamelessly admitting the fact, that they did not have intelligence. I thought, that was YOUR JOB !!!

2 attacks in 4 years under the "abled-leadership" of a visionary. After-all, aren't you the man who represented Enron's Case in India ? I, for sure, cannot expect more from you.

So, Mr. PC (B.Sc, L.L.B, M.B.A), now that your wife is also in the Ministerial League, and that now there is one breadwinner in the family, I think you can step down. You may think that you do not owe the nation an apology, but atleast do not shame the nation by holding (on to the) office.

Thursday, July 14, 2011 by Hari
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