59 ? - Seriously Indiblogger ?

A couple of minutes back I received a mail from Indiblogger Team about my IndiRanking.

The mail, (gleefully) noted the fact that most ratings have gone down on Indiblogger and it was not a matter of concern.

The actual text was
If your rank has decreased by 5-6 points for no apparent reason, don't worry, as it has dipped for 70% of the blogs on IndiBlogger after the upgrade.

IndiRank has been upgraded!
IndiRank now incorporates mozRank, which makes it more reliable and dynamic.

And I was like, LOL ...

What BS !!!

I do not know what rationale Indiblogger does to rank their blogs. The explanation given here is comical, In fact I find it quite childish, rather immature.

I do not know about other bloggers, but am sure, that am not gonna post any more things on Indiblogger. And nor am I displaying their widget on my blog either...

My Ranking has slipped from a one time high of 79 to a paltry 59. From among the top 125 Personal blogs on Indiblogger, to being somewhere in the thousands.

Reason why I am pissed.
Last month, I received highest traffic for my "Date a Guy Who Reads". It was cross-referenced (more than 2000 times) from Tumbler, Other Blogs, FaceBook (CoinJoos had shared it), and as well as on StumbleUpon. That page alone contributed to more than 6000 pageviews and Indiblogger has conveniently chosen to push the ranking down.

My PageView count has gone up from a nothing 48K to a whopping 59K in just a month !!! Boss, this is more traffic than most of the top blogs in your 100 list. Duh !!!

EKSI !!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011 by Hari
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  1. well,my rankings have also fell from 71 to 59 and now its' 61,i think.....

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