"I may never get laid, but I will not stop watching Porn." - Betan Chagat

You can hate the collection at debonairblog.com or compare it to IndiaOfTimes site, but one thing you cannot do is to ignore the Satan, err.. We meant Betan Chagat. It was more than evident in the kind of reception he got at the "India Watches Porn - A Brief History of Time since Vatsyanan to DesiBaba." It was befitting that of a pornstar and why not ? After all, for the kind of books he has written, He has probably done to millions of Indians what Pamela Anderson did to Stacked - Helping people Get off. Err.. Let's not get into more details of this now.

Speaking on his journey as a writer (which he claims himself to be) Chagat spoke about the publisher whom he first met, and who also published his first book. "Indians cannot write good "stuff"" was the general opinion at the time. And this Publisher, who borrowed his manuscript, called up at 4 in the morning to buy the rights. Chagat recalls, "He was so excited. He was jumping with joy literally. He said, I am getting off right now. But you come and meet me tomorrow in office. I think he meant getting off the taxi or something." He paid me 400 rupees for the manuscript. I called it The SeedMaker - He called it Mastram. The name stuck, and they began to be known as Mast-ram ki kahaaniyaan."

He said that there was a huge pressure on him to perform. When he expressed his interest in writing in Hindi, his editor was aghast, but thanks to Twitter and Facebook comments, his editor had to back out. "That was a moment when I connected with the masses. I mean, they wanted that stuff. Yes, sometime people criticize that I do not provide them quality stuff. But then, I don't just serve the elite audience. My readers need variety - so I write. My characters range from the common mazdoor's longing and banging err... sorry, pang-ing, to the uber-cool youth on the roads of Mumbai. But Let me make it clear, I do not expect appreciation for doing this. I may not get laid, but that does not mean, I will stop watching porn." Chagat said amidst loud cheering by his fans.

Chagat talked about his new book -- India Chodo 2020 -- coming out soon. The title goes with the tagline of "Chodo Chodo aur Chodo". He explained that it was a book unlike his earlier ones. It deals with how these three things (hunh?) drove the youth and those coming from small towns. He also dwelt in great detail about the dilemma facing the youth -- whether to do "it" or not to do "it". Unfortunately, he said, that such a question arose because of the structure of the society. "Why should doing it be any different ?" He said that he was hoping that things will change and soon people will start selling his books on trains and buses.

He felt strongly about the lack of good writers in the subject. He felt that only 10% of the audience had access to good material and the others were left at the mercy of fan fiction or every other Tom, "Dick" and Hari's imagination.

Chagat said that he has achieved success and knows that he can entertain people. Now he wants to challenge himself and see whether he can change the thinking of the people. He is writing controversial and thought provoking stories. "I am not here to put people to sleep, but to shake them out of slumber, excite them, make them do it ". Chagat has also been invited by Dr. Sivaraj Sivakumar (of Raj TV Fame) for giving motivational talks to his patients and providing "medical relief" to his patients. "I am glad my books are helping patients." Chagat says with a smile.

About what drives him, Chagat says that one needs to have an "eye" for things and note things in detail. Being a "youth icon" he said, put certain pressures on him. "They do not want me to write genuine romantic literature. I will write about sex scenes because I like. I want the creative freedom. I don't have to write a moral science book. WTF."

This article was "inspired" by This. B.R.I.N.G I.T. O.N !!! :) :D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 by Hari
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  1. ...And I will stop reading Betan Chagat. In fact, I had never been able to read more than a few pages...


  2. So, Chagat is bringing trashy writing to a new low!!! After the comments - "They do not want me to write genuine romantic literature. I will write about sex scenes because I like. I want the creative freedom. I don't have to write a moral science book. WTF." -- he calls himself a writer?? Booker Prize!?? -- Dream on Chagat...

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