Ra - One -- Pretty Good !!

Listening to Ra One songs now.

I do not see the rationale for releasing 5 (yes, you read that right, its F.I.V.E) versions of Chammak Challo - Seriously ? Vishal-Shekhar, Are you so desperate to make that song a hit ?
It sounds nice and definitely is going to be the chart-buster.

But My pick of the Album is Dildaara... It's very...ummmm what's the word ? Different ?
Yes, I'll settle with that.

Criminal IS going to be the most-played song in Discos this last quarter of the year.

Another surprising pick of the album is Bhare Naina - It's very soothing - I guess there is a heavy Coke-Studio influence. :P

Right By Your Side - is something like - Kal Ho Na Ho - there has to be one Happy-Go-Lucky Track in SRK movies - otherwise Image Damage right ? :P

Raftaarein - Pathetic.

Jiya Mora Ghabraye - In the attempt to create something creative, they've botched this one completely - Heavily "inspired" by the MATRIX SoundTrack.

Light Theme - This is shameless actually, Imagine Mission Impossible Theme + James Bond Theme together, played with something that sounds like a chant. The least they could have done was to avoid that Dhan-Te-Nan Feel to it. And what was that part of including Tipu-Sultan music as well ?

I'm On - seems to be a continuation of the Light Theme - looks like they forgot to put the two together.

15 Songs ...

- Out of which 5 Songs are the same song. So count that as One song. (5/1)
- Criminal has two tracks - Count that one as well.(7/2)
- Dildaara, Bhare Naina, Right By your side, Raftaarein, Jiya mora Ghabraye - (12/7)
- 3 Theme songs - none of which sound impressive to me - so not counted.

So basically we have an album of 7 songs. Of which you can say 5 are really good. :)

I give it 8/10 - purely for the intelligent packaging.

Friday, September 23, 2011 by Hari
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  1. There was this dubbed action movie in the late 80's that ran in India under the name Ghandi 2!!!! and had a muscular bald guy with glasses and a machine gun going up against some bad guys in South Africa. Another such movie was Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (but that was the actual title)

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