Qvendo, 50 Grand and 1 Crazy Buyer !!!

This post is written in response to the Qvendo's - If you had 50,000 what would you buy from Qvendo and why ?
All Descriptions of art and artwork are real and exist.

50 Grand for shopping. Just Imagine !!! And to shop at Qvendo, boy, I'd actually kill to get to do that.

For THE Man (that's me :) )

I liked the White and Rose Shirt - Perfect for a Saturday Brunch with my girl and her friends. Gives me that cool and classic edge. This has pretty stiff competition from Armani's dark demin jeans - Now that's a killer combination !!! So the end result of that exercise would look something like this....

Hey this jeans needs an awesome belt and what better than a Lawrence Grey ? And luckily there is still ONE belt left in the category which I believe is providence smiling upon me, and so I quickly grab one. Now let's see what we've got... Hmmm.. Pretty Impressive.

Now A man like that cannot go without a coat, can he ? And what better than theSack Coat by Tommy (yes.. of Hilfiger fame :P)

Let me see, I think a pair of shadeswill give me this "Don't take me lightly baby" look. So here it goes into my collection.

Now to pay for all that long elaborate lunch that I am planning with my girl, I need to have an elegant wallet to show off, isn't it ? After all Isn't a man known by how he carries his money in his wallet (never mind, I invented that). So here goes a Porsche into my collection.

And after all this is done, you don't expect me to walk bare-footed to a luncheon where my girlfriend's been waiting to introduce me to her friends. Do you ?

Let's complete the man (err... No pun intended) So here goes a Hamlet Derby Shoe - I prefer the Vintage Grey version. It goes well with the Dark Denim Jeans and does not make me look like as if I stepped right off the street.

Now, let's calculate.

Armani Jeans | Valentine Shirt | Tommy Hilfiger Sack Coat | Hugo Boss Shades | Lawrence Gray Belt | Porsche Cognac Purse | Hamlet Derby Shoe

Sigh.. Quite a list ain't it ?

Now with no offense to MasterCard

Armani Jeans and Valentine Shirt - 14,100 Rupees
Hamlet Derby Shoe, Porsche Purse, Lawrence Gray Belt - 16,400 Rupees
Tommy Hilfiger Sack Coat and Hugo Boss Shades - 17,500 Rupees
Total : 48,000 Rupees

Expression on my face when I imagine myself wearing all of this - WoW that's 50 Grand well spent :)
The smile on my girlfriend's face when she'll introduce me to her friends - PRICELESS !!!

P.S :- If you are wondering what happened to the other 2K , I'd buy this (an antique Silver Purse) for my girl. :P

Now, THAT is an awesome way to spend 50 Grand in 10 minutes.. :) :D

P.P.S :- All references to people(read - girl, girlfriend, lady) are fiction and merely co-incidental !!! :P

Saturday, October 1, 2011 by Hari
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  1. i like the shirt and sack coat!!

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