Sub(way) Below !!!

Now to start with - This Subway ALWAYS (read as GODDAMN EFFING ALWAYS !!!!) something or the other "Not-In-Stock".

Now before we get into all that, here is the background of what prompted this post.

The exact location of the subway in question is shown below. This is the subway that is present "below" the ICICI Bank branch - Madhapur (which is basically Kondapur).

I have one meal per week at Subway - This is usually the Sunday Afternoon one. And here is what has happened in the past 6 weeks.

6 Weeks back : "Sir, Hearty Italian is not available"

5 Weeks back : "Sir, We have only Honey Oats. All our breads are getting baked."

4 Weeks back : "Sir, Except for Parmesan Oregano and Honey Oat, everything else is available." Why ?. "Sir, no stock available"

3 Weeks back : "Sir, Sweet Onion sauce out of stock sir."

2 Weeks back : "Sir, Aloo Patty(ie) not available Sir."

1 Week back : "Sir, Toaster not working."

Yesterday : "Sir, Toaster not working."

If to get a toaster fixed it takes one Subway 10 days, then shall I pay the cost of my FootLong Veggie Delite in 4 installments ?

The person-in-charge gave me the reason as "Sir, the Technician will come from Delhi and fix it sir. It will take some time."

This attitude of "Adjust kar lo sir.." "Chalega Sir" is what is causing this outrage.

Exactly what do you think of your customers ? Nincompoops ?

First of all, train your staff to behave politely to their customers and to LISTEN to the orders. Each one is dumb in his own right.

At a time when Brands are getting crazy about their reputation online and where every conceivable brand has a Facebook and Twitter Page, here comes our way - You guessed it right !!! SubWay India !!!

Here is a screenshot of their Facebook and Twitter Pages ...

Just imagine this - When Subway in general as a brand has more than 8 million followers, how come SubWay India hardly has an active page ?

And when you try to complain on their site, it takes you to their U.S site, where you have to fill a dozen fields only to get a "404" request or a "Sorry, your data could not be saved."

Seriously ... WTF is going on ?

To sum it up, this is incompetency, impotency and lethargy at its very best. Way to Go SubWay !!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011 by Hari
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  1. just switch yur brand....

  2. Subway in London is really one of the best fast food eatout - the veggie delite is yummy and I always made up an excuse to have dinner or breakfast there atleast once a week. Although the veggie delite I had in Sydney was tasteless - sadly disappointing. But in Chennai, the one at Spencer's is not bad. I could only conclude it all depends on the people you hire.

  3. Can't imagine Subway is so bad!

  4. Not to forget the service they provide !! The one in Gachibowli is equally bad !!

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