What the F**k is the problem ?

You, Yes You !!!

What the F**k is the problem ?
Why do you always have to take people for granted ?
Why is it you never find the time to respond properly ?

Forget me. I've stopped giving you the "f***ing" attention that you crave. Why ? Because, honestly, you cannot give attention to someone and secondly you don't deserve the attention. [This blog is not for venting out my frustration - but its more like a OMG, people are still wishing you for your birthday on your FB page types].

And what is it with this "Oh-I-Treat-These-Guys-Like-Puppies-And-See-How-They-Still-Keep-Running-Behind-Me" treatment you are handing out to guys ? You think that's endearing ? My apologies that I am restraining myself from using the exact word that I wish to use here.

Honestly, You don't deserve nice guys... Not one. LOL - Having 1000+ friends on Facebook is pointless - mainly because its "Face"less. How many have you really really interacted with ? You meet somebody once at some meet, Add him on FB, even share your phone number and then be all "Oh-I-met-him-at-a-meet-da. He's-hitting-on-me-too-much-da." types. Seri..Athaan avan thaan jollu vidaraannu theriyarthulla ... apparam enna avan kooda kadalai vendikedakku ? (Im)Politea FB la unfriend panna vendiyathu thaane ? Illa Call panni solla vendiyathu thaane - Sorry not interestednnu...

How many times do you check email in a day - Once ? Twice ? OK.. Let's just say thrice ? - You cannot respond to an email or what ? By Now, I realise that you cannot respond to an email on time. That is different. Respond- Atleast. What do I call that ? Apathy ? Indifference ?

I've warned you before, I warn you again - This attitude is gonna give you a lot of pain - And I mean the pain-you-know-where. And it will be not be something that you will relish remembering.

I'll tell you what. You will get a good job. And I sincerely pray You get treated like Shit. And by this I mean - real shit. And then you'll realize the importance of "the importance which people give to you."

Just because you've faced certain difficulties in life and life has not entirely been a bed of roses for you - Does not necessarily mean you dole out the same shit to everybody. Agreed. Life has been tough - OK. Agreed. I empathize and sympathize. Now move on. Don't effing give me attitude.

And no, I don't fucking care if its your birthday or not !!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 by Hari
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  1. Haha Inspiration from Kolaveri pola! :)

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