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Audio Review - Don 2 v/s Ladies (v/s) Ricky Bahl

tl;dr - The winner is Ladies (v/s) Ricky Bahl - by a long long way

Now getting down to nuts and bolts.

Don 2 is nothing but crap. Crappiest is what I would call it. Never thought SEL would come up with something like this - for a film touted to be the most awaited film of 2011 - and for a film that is expected to take a super-duper-bumper-week-long-opening of Christmas + New Year - This has to be Epic Lamest effort of all.

Three of the 9 tracks - are nothing but rehashed versions of - "Mujhko pehchaanlo - main hoon don" from Don (1). The two theme songs are equally lame.

Surprisingly, (lack of any reason) - I am actually livid that this release does not have a single listenable track. What a pity !!! :( :(

On the other hand - Ladies (v/s) Ricky Bahl is a neatly packaged bundle - aimed only at the college going crowd - and for that reason - it rocks !!!

My personal favorite is Jazba - sung by Shilpa Rao (The same girl who sang Udi Udi Ittefaq from Pa) - I somehow find the song to be a tad sensual because of her voice. The remix is nice to listen as well.

Jigar da Tukda - sounds like a "adjust kar lo yaar" that has been forcefully added to the album. Fatal Attraction - fatally does not appeal.

Aadat Se Majboor - Jazba - Thug Le - All three are gems !!


Saturday, November 19, 2011 by Hari
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