The Clay Pot - Review - Mud Tastes Better !!!

Guys, If you ever want to take out your vengeance on someone - please take them to The Claypot and make them eat their vegetarian fare.

I am being very honest here. Make them eat it. If they don't ... bloody shove it down their throat.
I am not a big stickler for cleanliness and stuff - but when the white cups in which Mirchi Ka Salan and Raitha comes are yellowish brown - owing to oil stains over months together - I felt like puking.

On top of this, the waiter is justifying that this is not the kind of dirt that can go away by repeatedly washing. If you are looking to make a case study on "How to exhibit pathetic Customer Service" - please come here. The waiter doesn't serve - saying its Self-Service !!!

Don't fuckin' order Vegetable Biriyani here !!
It's microwaved. WTF !!!

I am not paying friggin' 140 bucks to eat that microwaved shit. Atleast if that tasted good, I would've kind of swallowed my anger. It tasted like mud.

And don't even get me started on the Chapatti... I would have whole heartedly eaten toasted bread instead of having to eat that chapatti ...

Fuck you guys - if you wanted to run a "parlor" cum "smoking joint" cum "hangout place" cum "make-out-place" cum "ahem-ahem" place for rich kids - please do so. Don't put up a restaurant sign and effing piss me off !!

You don't even have a proper wash-room in place ? WTF !!

BTW - the "Restaurante" in question is next to the "Gymkhana Club" on the LV Prasad Marg - Hyderabad.


Friday, December 2, 2011 by Hari
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  1. All fine but could u just avoid comparing food with shit...

  2. Thanks for the information ! i wanted to try this place !! :P also, the 'ahem ahem' was appropriate !!

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