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Watched about half a dozen movies last weekend. One after another.

Vithagan - I liked the movie. A lot. Much better than all that brainless shit that comes out in the name of Tamil Cinema. Parthiban's nailed it in this movie. His sarcasm and the tongue in cheek smile all suit his character. More than his police character - I liked the look and youthfulness of his Rowdy character. But I wish he had not overdone it. The dyeing of hair and the weight reduction, all showed up perfect in the characterisation, but that boyish twinkle could have been avoided. Oru Villain Lookae varala..

On the other hand, Parthiban is a perfect candidate for menancing Villain Roles in Tamil Cinema. I think he can play it big. As for the movie - climax romba overa irunthathu. Till the climax, the story twists and turns fantastically. I loved it. Vithagan is definitely a good watch (compared to all those gems that I watched)

Mayakkam Enna - Kuppai. Itha pathi thaniya oru blog postae podanum - viraivil . Intha commenttkku apparamvum neenga poi intha padatha paarthittu.. ennoda FB Wall feedla - Machi padam supernnu comment panneenga... *tha yerangi vanthu adippaen...

Ides Of March - Everybody is going gaga over it. Pretty much run of the mill stuff. Romba overa hype kuduthirukkaanga... Yeah, George Clooney is super smart. Period.

The Three Musketeers - Nice graphics - Worth a watch - for some wry humor. Good action. All the leading ladies looked quite pretty. The King however looked so effeminate. Can watch for some good timepass.

In Time - Excellent story - but squandered away the advantage by having a pathetic screenplay. This could have been sooooo way better. Starts well and then suddenly loses control over the rest of the story. The climax could have been more clearer.

Unknown - Man.. this one took the cake. Excellent movie. Fantastically tight screenplay with perfect amount of twists and turns. Liam Neeson plays the perfect undercover agent who simply forgets his cover in a freak accident. Totally mindblowing movie. Must Watch !!!

Monday, December 5, 2011 by Hari
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  1. Unknown...for sure its a must watch...loved it

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