Of Arseholes, ShitEaters, MF's and Traffic Cops !!!

I guess being a Traffic Cop in Bengaluru is the worst job in the world.
Worse than Pimping your own Mother and sister.
Oru Maanam Ketta Pozhappu ...

The reason why I am seething with rage is because of this video -

The Traffic Constable is bullying the lady like hell..
And the worst part is someone is telling the lady - "Don't argue with the cop" - Thoo...
Ivanellam enna pannalaam..
(Tying a 2 kg weight balls to his and make him stand the whole day - sounds like a good option BTW.)

The best comedy is later in the video..
Eppadi Eppadi ? Pillion Rider must also wear Helmetaama ..
Aiyyo Aiyyo .. This guy seems to be a Modern Day Saami's Traffic Constable.
Kannada theriyala na ? Enna Venumnaalum Pesuvaanaama ?
Some one is going to show him a "Moone Mukkal" Some day, Otha annikku thaan ivanukku buthi vara poguthu...

Ngothaa Dei ..

And If you have a problem with the language of this post - Before you even comment - See if you can take some action against that Traffic Cop - Otherwise you are free to STFU.

Friday, December 30, 2011 by Hari
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