Walter Isaacson's - Steve Jobs

tl;dr - Not impressed.

The book is loooooong and unnecessarily boring. Those who are going gaga over the book, probably haven't read "iCon". This book seems to have shamelessly ripped off pages from iCon. I guess Isaacson's editor was holidaying in Honolulu when he ok'ed the book.

Come to think of it. We already know every single story that we ought to be knowing about Apple's genius. Including that "fewer the chips - more the money" and the way he never told Wozniak about that fees which he never paid Wozniak. The ouster from Apple - among other things.

This book only eulogizes Steve Jobs. I hardly find a mention of the bad Steve Jobs which Isaacson claims to have written about. Not that I did not enjoy reading the book, but going through the same details again and again was a bit painful. I do appreciate the effort that Isaacson took to bring out the book, albeit in quite some haste to time with Steve's death.

The book does not provide any great insights, to me atleast. It's an ok read that just took hell a lot of time to complete.

My take ? - Don't buy it. Read the excerpts from various magazines - they are all out there.

And as for the quotes - One good quote -

Good Artists Copy - Great Artists Steal.

Monday, December 5, 2011 by Hari
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  1. Thats a good one!

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