Thank you IT Folks and College Students !!!

My sincere thanks to IT Folks and College Students for partying heavily on 31st evening (i.e Yesterday)

I had the most awesome darshan at Chilkur Balaji Temple yesterday.
In fact, I was in the sanctum Sanctorum for almost 2 minutes - which is literally an eon - when compared with the fact that the crowds to this temple are swelling in number. And The Sone pe suhaaga part was that even the Pradakshina crowd was pretty thin - Enough space and plenty of time to do my pradakshinas - Peacefully.

Thank You IT Folks and College Students - If it wasn't for you guys partying so hard on 31st night, forgetting your visas and onsite trips and all that extra money that you guys would be making - I would not have gotten this opportunity - Thanks a lot once again !!!

Another thing that came to my notice is that - there is a hush-hush story about writing your details on the temple wall. I was told by a person in authority that if you write anything on the temple wall, other than the lord's name - then it was highly likely that your visa might be cancelled, and you might be asked by the lord to come again and again.

So, unless you wish to get your visas rejected multiple time - Please do not deface the Temple Walls. Saami Kanna Kuthidum.

Sunday, January 1, 2012 by Hari
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