When Sudhish Kamath did a Anand Ramachandran and failed

Just finished reading an insanely awful piece of shit by Sudhish Kamath. Here is the link.

To sum it up - He put Aranya Kandam in the tenth spot and Mankatha at second spot.
I would have forgiven even this part - if only he had not done the unthinkable.

He rated Velayutham as the Number one movie of the Year - WTF ???!!!!
When all the reviewers in the country have trashed the movie left, right and centre and even the "Vaayal Vadai Sudum Vijay Fans" page on Facebook is getting awesome troll content for the movie - How is Velayutham the number one movie ?

Even that would have been forgiven - but this -

"Dhanush showed us why he's becoming one of the country's finest actors with a gloriously restrained performance"

is Blasphemy.

I would love to do a "This is Blasphemy" a la 300 and push Sudhish Kamath into a pit where he is forced to watch Thulluvatho Ilamai,Sullan, Dreams, Puthukottailirunthu Saravanan and Vengai (just to name a few) for the rest of his lifetime. Seriously WTF ??!!!

I assume Sudhish Kamath had Feviquik on his seat when he went to watch Velayutham, worse, were his palms greased ?
In this age and day, Paid Reviews are not uncommon. But at what cost ?
Pity that we are still putting up with this Shit !!!
Enna Kodumai Sir Ithu ?
Seriously, how else could you explain that Nadunisi Naaigal or Poraali or Deiva Thirumagal or Azhagarsaamiyin Kuthirai missed out on one of the spots.

I am now tempted to believe that Sudhish Kamath tried to do a Anand Ramachandran and failed miserably.

Note : For the uninitiated Anand Ramachandran writes on Cricket at Cricinfo. His posts are laced with sarcasm and are hilariously funny and punny. (oops)

Monday, January 2, 2012 by Hari
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  1. Anand Ramachandran doesn't write in Cricinfo anymore and not sure what has happened to him.

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