Karmic Debt

I know its been a long time since I posted anything on my blog. Of course, no excuses. But what I am going to post today is something totally different. :)

Sometimes its totally surprising what changes life brings about - in a year. Just a year. Or to put it in other words - between two birthdays. Not mine of course.

One year ago, one of my "friend" - who has been mentioned several times in this blog - was going through a personal, emotional crisis. Shit happened on his/her birthday. This shit hit the ceiling and everybody in his/her family was panicky. I stepped in. Managed to get his/her act together - got everybody on the same page, reconciled. Post which, this friend got married.

Events happened after that and a year has gone past. This year - on that same birthday - we act as if we did not know each other.

I wouldn't term it a pity - but then it also tells me - how fleeting life is. How fleeting relationships are. How you meet some people in life - only because you have to repay them something you owe - karmic debt - and then they vanish completely from your lives - more like Vishwamitra in Ramayana - who comes with you until Rama marries Sita and then Puffff !! He vanishes. :)

Anyway - I waited so long to post this because I thought things might change. But they haven't. I don't really wish ill for anyone. We all end up paying up the Karmic Debt one way or the other.

Anyway - Sayonara. Yippikaye.

Thursday, December 20, 2012 by Hari

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